Streets | JR Makes the Louvre’s Glass Pyramid Disappear

May 25, 2016  |  Art, Culture, Streets  |  No Comments

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Since its unveiling in 1989, Chinese architect I.M. Pei’s glass pyramid at the Louvre has been an icon of the Paris skyline. Read More

Charles Pétillon Fills Gallery With Balloon Clouds For His First Show in China

May 22, 2016  |  Art  |  No Comments

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The white balloons of French photographer Charles Pétillon are floating into Shanghai for Invasions, the artist’s Read More

First Look | Damien Hirst Presents Jeff Koons at His Newport Street Gallery

May 22, 2016  |  Art  |  No Comments

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Presented by Damien Hirst at his own Newport Street Gallery in London as a grand act of ultimate fanboy-dom,  Read More

Culture | PETA Shocks Luxury Shoppers With Gruesome “Behind The Leather” Pop Up Shop

May 21, 2016  |  Culture  |  No Comments


Animal rights advocacy group PETA has turned its focus to the wildly-expanding Asian luxury goods market with its Read More

Best In Show | Nicole Eisenman’s Magnificent Delusion at Anton Kern Gallery, NYC

May 20, 2016  |  Art  |  No Comments


For her debut exhibition Magnificent Delusion at Anton Kern Gallery, MacArthur Genius Grant artist Nicole Eisenman has presented a new body of characteristically genius new work including paintings, a group of drawings and one plaster sculpture. The works range from the monumental to the intimate in size and address day-to-day life in New York City with all its ordinary, unexpected and sometimes marvelous moments. Read More

Design | The New Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Concept is Mindblowing

May 20, 2016  |  Design  |  No Comments

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James Bond’s coach builder Aston Martin and iconic Italian design house Zagato have teamed up to create the stunning new Read More

Film | Game of Thrones Looks Awesome With Lightsabers

May 20, 2016  |  Film  |  No Comments

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 10.03.39 AM

It’s hard to improve upon the sublime medieval cinematic beauty of Game of Thrones, but Read More

Tech | Google’s New Gigapixel Art Camera is Digitizing The World’s Masterpieces in Extreme Detail

May 19, 2016  |  Art, Culture, Tech  |  No Comments

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Not content to merely map our streets, web travel, and brains, Tech giant Google has now Read More

Anthea Hamilton’s Giant Butt Sculpture Wins Her Coveted Turner Prize Nomination

May 18, 2016  |  Art  |  No Comments

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It would be easy to crack jokes about the art world hitting bottom here, but 37-year-old Read More

Streets | Daku Creates Impermanent Street Art in India Using Sunlight & Shadows

May 17, 2016  |  Streets  |  No Comments

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 1.04.38 PM

India’s most famous street artist Daku (Hindi for “bandit”), notorious for stenciling the F-word Read More