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Sometimes you buy books for knowledge. Other times for reference. Some books you buy to impress your friends and others just to impress yourself. And sometimes you buy a book because if you don’t, you’ll hate yourself the rest of your life . “Naked Girls Smoking Weed” by Rob Griffin (Goliath Books) is exactly one of those titles (though it does kinda fit into all of those aforementioned categories). No words are needed here to describe the content or the M.O. of this brand-new little hardcover coffee-table book, it just simply is what it is, and we love it for that. It should also be noted that we at Supertouch do not condone nudity or weed smoking. Unless you’re a photogenic young lady, of course, in which case both activities are perfectly acceptable, particularly if there are cameras about. Buy the book and then read “War and Peace” to balance out your karma, it’ll all even out in the end…


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