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Since being unveiled to the public at London’s WHITE CUBE GALLERY as the most expensive piece of modern art ever made with a pricetag of $98,000,000, DAMIEN HIRST‘s diamond encrusted skull (titled, “For The Love of God”) has yet to be sold. According to the gallery, three parties have shown some interest, most notably, the pop star George Michael (who probably thinks it would look perfect perched atop John Lennon’s white “Imagine” piano, which he famously acquired several years ago). Whether it can be sold at full price remains to be seen, in what will be a true test of the price bubble that currently surrounds the world’s modern art market.

For those mere mortals who can’t afford to even ponder such a purchase, worry not. Mr Hirst has just announced that he will be offering prints of his masterpiece through the gallery in various limited editions with prices ranging from $2,000 to a whopping $20,000. The most expensive versions, limited to 250 prints, are coated with real diamond dust. The saga continues. Start saving your pennies, puny humans…

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