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There's a new Big Brother in LA's graffiti world, and it's known as "GRAFFITI TRACKER," where "Every wall tells a story." Looking to capitalize on urban blight, the private upstart monitors graffiti "hotspots" around the city, keeping detailed records of tagging names, locations, gang affiliations, & frequency, compiling detailed databases on individual artists and areas in general. For a hefty fee, local law enforcement or private individuals being vandalized can then tap into the company's detailed records, which also include maps and photo archives to help make arrests. Of course, GT also accepts outside information and taggers can phone in tips on their rival's activities at will, a nice little feature designed to turn the insular community against itself.

In the company's own words:
"The writing is on the wall, more frequently and complex! Within our company, our graffiti analysts go through rigorous training allowing them to look behind the spray paint. We look at the specifics behind each photograph, whether it is tagger or gang-related so that a proper translation is formed. Each photo is then safely stored in our secure site and not your desk files, reducing your storage needs and increasing your own productivity. With a click of a button, you will access the most updated information and see who the most active vandals are along with all the damage they are accountable for. The result is the correct interpretation at the right time!

Of course, Hollywood is encouraged to pick up the phone:

"To our friends in the entertainment industry: your movie or video set may have offensive graffiti, how will you tell? Be responsible and refuse to publicize any criminal activity. Contact us to examine any questionable material."

Chaka, where are you now?...

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