June 24, 2007  |  Uncategorized

Damien’s little helpers…

While DAMIEN HIRST, the undisputed bad boy of the British art world waits for his latest masterpiece—a diamond-encrusted human skull—to sell at its current asking price of $98 million, a 2002 work by the artist “Lullaby Spring” has just set the European price record for work by a living artist when it was sold at Sotheby’s this week for $19,276,840 USD (£9.65m). The piece in question is a three meter-wide medicine cabinet filled with thousands of individually painted cast pills that is one of a series of four originally sold at Gagosian Gallery. Currently, Jasper Johns holds the world price record for a living artist at $80,000,000 USD, a record Hirst himself aims to smash any day now when the golden cash register finally rings up the purchase of his nearly $100 million platinum calavera currently on display at London’s White Cube Gallery. Stay tuned..

“Lullaby Spring,” stainless steel and glass cabinet with painted cast pills, 72″ x 108″ x 4,” 2002.

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