June 27, 2007  |  Uncategorized

“El Topo,” a Dalí western if there ever was one…

Film-Threat geeks and otaku cinephiles already worship at the altar of legendary underground director ALEJANDRO JODOROWSKY, but to the general populace, the Salvador Dalí of cinema largely remains a phantom. Obscurity aside, the importance of this Russian/Mexican director and his influence on modern film (Quentin Tarantino might not have even been a video store clerk without him) cannot be overstated. The auteur’s psychedelic & surreal visions turned the film world on its collective ear when they were released (his first film literally caused a riot) and John Lennon became such a devoted fan that he made possible the US release of the director’s most accomplished work, a mystical western called “El Topo,” and personally financed his third apocalyptic work, “The Holy Mountain.” His visionary style directly influenced “Star Wars,” “Dune,” “Alien,” and “The Fifth Element” all of which “borrowed” heavily from Jodorowsky’s oeuvre. After giving up film in later years, the director went on to develop his own brand of psychological therapy called “Psychomagic,” officiate the unholy matrimony of Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese, and continue his established comics career, most notably with his award-winning strip, “The Crowned Heart.” Catch up on his legacy with the recently released DVD compilation of his most notable movies, “The Films of Alejandro Jodorowsky.” The set includes fantastic extras including complete soundtracks, documentaries, and interviews with the reclusive director. If that wasn’t enough, they make for fantastic background imagery at parties too…





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