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For those not lucky enough to catch TIM BISKUP's latest solo show, "Ether" in person, it's not too late to take home a piece of the magic with the very trick 3-D edition he created to accompany the show, titled "Armor Totem." Produced in a signed and numbered edition of 100, the 16-color serigraph stands nearly 27" tall and is printed on laser-cut premium maple plywood. Priced at $650, it's available only at Culver City's BILLY SHIRE FINE ARTS. Contact the gallery directly at 323-297-0600 for more information...


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It's been a minute since we checked in with our favorite Chi-Town native, DZINE, and last nite's debut of his latest art installation consisting of a totally kustom "lowrider" speedboat & bicycle at this year's VENICE BIENNALE seemed like the perfect occasion. Eschewing the traditional venues of the highbrow international art fair, D instead chose to make his statement in the city's most famous place, its intricate maze of canals with a kustom float unlike any other, titled "The Dnipro." Featuring a total of nine TV screens, 22 speakers with lights, eight amps, original 1963 Impala chrome trim and side mirrors, custom bucket seats, ostrich leather interior with religious fabric accents, state-of-the-art Pioneer CD/DJ equipment with Alpine touch screen videos, a laser light show and a smoke machine, all powered by chromed-out Chevy engine with (of course) neon lighting, this little beauty is long on showmanship and short on subtlety. When on land it travels in a matching kustom trailer, which also houses an equally badass matching lowrider trike the artist has constructed to make his travels on land more stylish. Is it bitchin? Sho ‘nuff. Is it art? You be the judge...








Find Dzine's "The Dnipro" installation at the Ukranian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. If you're lucky (or a lady), you just might get a ride...

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Tristan Eaton x London Police

New Yorkers looking for some Saturday nite art action only need head downtown to THE SHOWROOM NYC for the opening of the THUNDERDOG STUDIOS-curated "Collabro" show (contrary to the masculine implications of the name, rest assured there's girls in there too). The exhibit features collaborative art pieces by over 120 artists including Stash x Futura, Ron English x Daniel Johnston, Tristan Eaton x The London Police, Jeremyville x Bigfoot, Crash x Freddi C, Mark Bode x Poor Al, Filth x Mean, and Mike Giant x Mike Maxwell, Read More

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KAWS' assistant Matt sizes up his competition...

A lot of people have been talking about the life-sized 4-foot tall KAWS COMPANION figure that's been released in Tokyo at the artist's flagship store, ORIGINAL FAKE. Unfortunately, the information being posted online in blogworld has all been incorrect. Here's the real deal, straight from the KAWS' mouth: The 4-foot Companion figure will cost approximately $2,500 USD and was produced in an edition of 100. Other sources had previously reported that the piece would cost in the neighborhood of $4,000 USD and be an edition of 20, which is incorrect. So there you have it, looks like the big guy just slid down into a lot more fan's price ranges. Now the only problem is, where to get one?...




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The weekend couldn't have come sooner. Enjoy a Friday freak-out from one of our favorite people, RHODE MONTIJO...

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For those who missed MARK RYDEN's newest piece of art, "Tincture," a formerly unseen drawing from his latest "Tree Show" that went on sale at last week's MoCA fundraiser auction in LA, here it finally is in all its woodland glory. And if you have to know, it fetched a beyond-impressive $40,000 in no time. Who said art doesn't pay?...

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A lot of things come in the mail but few packages hold such exquisite contents as this week's delivery of one bronze KAWS COMPANION statue. The artist formerly known as Brian Donnelly releases a formidable array of top-quality product on a regular basis but this edition stands out as an absolute masterpiece. Produced in an edition of 10 (with two artist proofs), this figure was fabricated by master craftsmen in Japan in a traditional process capped off with a rich black patina that gives the work an indelible luster (an edition of ten color-changing silver painted figures was also available). Housing the statue is a custom wooden "coffin" case hand-painted by the artist himself (all 20 of them, that is, no silk-screens here) as worthy of display as the edition it contains. Whatever you do, though, just don't call it a "toy". TAKE A CLOSER LOOK: Read More

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Supertouch contributor TIM BISKUP has found his next television. Unfortunately, they're on back order...

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When APPLE announced last week that its iTunes store would begin selling DRM-free tracks (lacking their usual Digital Rights Management software) online for a slightly higher fee than normal tracks, they somehow managed to avoid telling the public that while the tracks would no longer come with the playback restrictions that come with the normal iTunes songs, all purchased songs & movies would still come encrypted with the purchaser's name and email address and other marking tags on file with Apple. That means DRM-free songs purchased from Apple that get picked up by other users will be traceable back to the original purchaser by any remotely computer-savvy user. The fear here is that if someone Read More

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The international (street??) art collective known as FAILE took a page from the Banksy playbook when they unveiled their latest show, "Nothing Lasts Forever" at a private reception in NYC Wednesday nite. Forgoing the traditional gallery setup, the group rented their own grimy warehouse space on the Lower East Side and quickly sold out more than 40 artworks ranging from $25—$35,000 on up, clearing well over a million in sales before the opening red carpet was even laid. In attendance were Lower Manhattan's hipster elite mingling with well-heeled art buyers looking to get in early on the next big thing (in this case, however, that was last year). Of course, the work was top notch and the collective's multimedia Pop collages were as beautiful and focused as ever. Supertouch's own Stuntboy (aka: Erik Foss) was on hand to capture the magic. READ ON... Read More

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