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Much has been said about British bad boy artist DAMIEN HIRST‘s groundbreaking $100 million diamond-encrusted platinum skull titled “For The Love of God” since it went on display at London’s White Cube Gallery in June, but to date, little has been revealed about the making of this bling masterpiece, until now. Supertouch offers a step-by-step look at the creation of this masterwork which was created FOR the artist by some of the masters of European jewelry making at London’s Bentley & Skinner using over 8,601 of the world’s most perfect, flawless diamonds and 2,156 grams of fresh platinum (not to mention $28 million of the artist’s own money). And while the exhibit closed on July 7th without the piece being sold, don’t expect to see it on markdown anytime soon…

Photos by Red Clover Pix

The big boy himself…

The original 18th century skull of a mid-30-year-old man the piece is based on beside the massive 52.40 carat flawless light fancy pink, brilliant-cut, pear-shaped diamond that is the final work’s centerpiece…

After a cast of the original skull was made, 32 individual platinum plates were created and assembled..

All of which were lasered with thousands of individual setting holes…

The diamonds were then set individually into each hole…

And the original skull’s teeth were removed and lightly cleaned…

A set of platinum mandibles were created from the original tooth castings but were left out of the final piece which utilized the real teeth instead…

A close-up look at the platinum jawbone awaiting its real set of tooth implants…

A view of the skull at its midway point with many of the tiny diamonds set…

Dropping in the massive pink diamond centerpiece…

And hand-finishing the setting…


Hirst takes a close-up look at the skull’s progress…

Attention to detail required thousands of hours of painstaking adjustments…

Before the final masterwork could be put on display…

And given a final deep inspection by Damien himself…

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