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We’re not big on hyping product here at ST but when the MC5 collaborate with ANYBODY, we take notice. Especially longtime ally & comrade-in-arms SHEPARD FAIREY. The collaboration in question, which includes a signature military jacket, T-shirt and ballcap, is even more notable because of its otherwise dubious origins: a bootleg. When Shepard discovered the seminal Detroit rockers’ trademark white panther logo and assimilated it into a design of his own, the band’s Mike Davis took note and reached out to Fairey to make the love affair legit. Now, through his personal clothing label OBEY Shep has put out a hybrid line worthy of the band’s riotous legacy. HAVE A CLOSER LOOK:


“When my wife and kids came home from the skate shop with a pair of OBEY jeans with our White Panther logo on them, I have to admit that I felt honored. Here was our symbol meaning something to a true artist. I mean Shepard Fairey is one of my heroes. He saw the White Panther as more than a logo, he saw it as a symbol of something righteous, a vision of something for the people. It looked almost sacred on those jeans. I admire Shepard because he has achieved so much on his own terms. He manages to create these beautiful images with very disturbing and complex themes. Having the opportunity to work shoulder to shoulder with Shepard on this collaboration, to carry our collective ideals to a new generation, is more exciting to me than anything I have done with my bass strapped on. My hope for this collaboration is that my buddy Shepard and I can help get everybody hip to the American Ruse.”
— Michael Davis, MC5, Detroit

“I searched out the MC5 many years ago because they were very frequently referenced by later generations of punk bands I was into. Along with their Detroit brethren, The Stooges the MC5 were hugely influential for most of the bands and accompanying counter culture music scene that has defined punk and garage rock since. At first I just loved the MC5’s music but as my knowledge of their politics grew I was excited by their connection to the Black Panther Party through their own White Panther Party. I’ve always loved when music, politics, and art come together in a powerful way, and the MC5’s White Panther logo is the perfect final visual representation of their trinity of music, politics, and art . I met Michael Davis, bassist of the MC5 when his wife Angela Davis (not related to Black Panther Angela Davis, but an awesome coincidence) basically busted me for using the MC5 White Panther logo on an OBEY Clothing label. It was the nicest bust ever because she said she and Michael and their son were fans of Obey and that we should do an official collaboration. I wish all my busts ended up this well! I’m honored to present the OBEY/MC5 collaboration and I think the result embodies the spirit of both. Who wouldn’t want to be part of KICKIN’ OUT THE JAMS motherfuckers?”
—Shepard Fairey , Obey, Los Angeles









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