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Gav gets ready to stumble into celebration…

VICE MAGAZINE co-founder and last vestige of the publication’s original brand of no-holds-barred fuck you humor and uncensored content GAVIN McINNES has finally left the company, as per the email we received earlier today (see below). Reports that the rogue funnyman’s oblique POV and raw, street-level sensibility had run afoul of his company’s newly corporate outlook since partnering with mainstream media conglomerate VIACOM/MTV to create had been swirling for some time now, and McInnes’ departure leaves no doubt that the company’s future includes a kinder, gentler Vice, the likes of which we’ve never seen before. His former partners-in-crime, Shane Smith, and Suroosh Alvi—whom he founded Vice with in 1994 when the Canadian residents were all living in Montreal on welfare rations—will continue to run the company with recent partner Eddy Moretti. Long the voice of Vice’s epic “Do’s & Don’ts” photo column, McInnes’ spot-on humor can now be found on STREETCARNAGE.COM, his new online venture with partner DERRICK BECKLES

From: Gavin McInnes
Date: Jan 23, 2008 9:42 AM
Subject: new email

Dear children of my corn,

I no longer have anything to do with Vice or VBS or DOs & DON’Ts or any of that. It’s a long story but we’ve all agreed to leave it at “creative differences,” so please don’t ask me about it.

I’m going to continue to make fun of people’s pants and offend as many of you as possible, but I’ll be doing it at, a new company I started with Big Pinky.

There’s a ton of other projects in the works, including books, a movie, comics, TV shit, etc and I’ll announce them on the site as they blossom into fruition like a hundred humid vaginas in the presence of God’s boner.

McInnes, Beckles, and their interracial lovechild…

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