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The Schnab & Gary Baseman, reunited like Peaches & Herb…

Ah, what can we possibly say about the man/bear that is JULIAN SCHNABEL that hasn’t been said before somewhere, somehow? Having ascended to the uppermost echelons of the Art world on a silver cloud, the man who Basquiat hated (really, he did) has become an institution unto himself and now wears the hats of filmmaker extraordinaire and real estate mogul to boot. His appearance in LA at GAGOSIAN GALLERY last week for the opening of “Christ’s Last Day,” his solo show of gigantic paintings reproducing a series of random vintage X-Rays that the artist found last year while directing “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” sent ripples through the otherwise fragmented local scene who clawed their way to catch a glimpse of the mighty hairy one last Thursday nite. Among them was GARY BASEMAN, who got a lot closer than most non-female admirers. HAVE A LOOK:

What the smell of money, sweat, and bad art looks like…

“Christ’s Last Day VI,” ink on paper

“Christ’s Last Day III,” ink on paper

“Christ’s Last Day VIII,” ink on paper

“Cotton Ball Painting” (no, seriously, it’s a cotton ball painting!)

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