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Few people know that the DR is actually a podiatrist…

After a long slow season, last nite saw the rebound of the sneaker scene in LA with the debut party for DR ROMANELLI‘s new shoe for CONVERSE (RED) at their CONVERSATIONS event as part of their 1HUND(RED) ARTISTS initiative. Created in partnership with (PRODUCT) RED, Converse’s year-long global artist initiative was timed to both commemorate the brand’s centennial celebration in 2008 and help fight health crises worldwide. Converse contributes 10% of the net wholesale price of these shoes to The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and specifically fund HIV/AIDS programs in Africa that focus on the health of women and children. With this in mind, Romanelli created his signature kix with a band-aid motif as a fashionable message. “The 1HUND(RED) Artists project really motivated me to create something unique and I choose the band-aids as a fix for positive change.” Onboard to keep the party moving was DJ PAUL SEVIGNY and  Supertouch‘s own LUPE FIASCO who rocked what might have been the most intimate private concert of his career in support of the campaign. Also on site was an original art installation by MEGAN WHITMARSH who created a beautifully trashy wonderland just for the event. Other artists and designers who have created artwork for the campaign include Hiroshi Fujiwara (Japan), Jeremyville (Australia), Michael White for Dondi White (USA), Colletivo Design (Brazil), Grandpeople (Norway), Mike Schall (USA), Supakitch (France) and UPSO (USA). Romanelli’s signature kix drop in March at UNDFTD, LA and DQM in NYC. HAVE A LOOK:

Photos by MAX WANGER

Grand Master Fiasco runs the show…

With the ill fashion sense intact…






The DR prepares to operate…

Luckily the shoe comes in NBA player’s sizes…





The wall of fame…


Megan Whitmarsh’s beautiful refuse…


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