August 28, 2008  |  Denver, Obama, Politiks

"Barry O'Bomber," got game in a fresh pair of Blazers before MJ took over #23...

As BARACK "BARRY" OBAMA prepares to accept his party's nomination as the official presidential candidate at the thrill ride of political theater that is the DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION tonite, we felt compelled to honor the occasion by presenting this photo of the candidate in his glory days. After all, had "Barry O'Bomber"—as he was known in 1979 as a so-called "rat baller" on the Punahou High School basketball team in Hawaii—continued down his original path, we might be celebrating a rich ass, above-average three point shooter instead of the seemingly trustworthy presidential contender that stands before us. Most notable about this image is the photographic proof it provides that Barry was bringing new life to the number 23 long before Jordan took the court, while his fresh pair of Blazers attest to his early street smarts. Now, fast forward 29 years to the future present and let's just hope he can still sink an outside long shot...

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