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Any true sneakerhead not bidding hard on these Geoff McFetridge specials is a punk, straight-up!…

As we mentioned a few weeks back here on ST, to commemorate the release of the new “Beautiful Losers” film, NIKE SPORTSWEAR created a set of unique Dunk hightops as a collaboration between Nike designer JESSE LEYVA and BLosers director AARON ROSE featuring artwork & stills from the movie via a new high-resolution digital printing technique that must be seen to be believed. Now, to benefit the CHILDREN’S AID SOCIETY, the shoes have been made available to the public via an eBay auction, the second half of which—featuring 8 sets of shoes—is underway now (the first set of 8 kix sold for $510 each). For those with deep pockets and a bad sneaker habit, a final auction will take place on Sunday, September 14th for a complete set of 16 pairs of Dunks and limitless bragging rights. And remember, it’s all for the kids, so dig deep, people!…

We went back to the Beautiful Losers film documentary and pulled frame stills of what we felt were key moments in the narrative. We used these moments to tell the Beautiful Losers story using the shoes as a medium, with the end result being a collection of works of art.” —Aaron Rose.

When we decided on the concept of using frame stills from the film, we identified an innovative digital printing technique to create this special collection. There are 16 Nike Dunk Hi shoes each telling a different part of the Beautiful Losers story.” —Jesse Leyva

**All Dunks on auction can be viewed in person now in Los Angeles at the Nike Sportswear pop-up store at the Montalban Theater, 1615 Vine (@ Hollywood Blvd).

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