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Nick Z’s legion of killer masked femmebots…

As we reported a few weeks back, Supertouch buddy & YEAH YEAH YEAHS guitarist NICK ZINNER‘s solo show of photography currently on display at FUSE GALLERY in NYC’s East Village is a knockout. Now it seems that the venerable NY TIMES finally has an astute downtown art observer on staff in the person of ANDREW GENSLER whose taken official notice of the exhibition in the paper of record. HAVE A LOOK:


By Andrew Gensler | Source: NYTIMES

“Twenty years after Bon Jovi’s ‘Dead or Alive’ video, does anyone really need to see more images of musicians on tour,” Nick Zinner asks. After seeing his surprisingly impressive photo exhibition “It’s OK Don’t Look At The Road” currently up at the East Village’s Fuse Gallery the only possible response is a resounding “hell yeah!”

Zinner is the incendiary guitarist for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, New York’s best art-damaged rock band and no shutterbugging slouch, having studied photography at Bard College with Larry Fink and Stephen Shore.

Armed with film cameras like the Contax T3 or G2 or an Olympus Stylus (he’s tried digital but has never taken to it), Zinner’s travels with his band has allowed him to catch moments fleeting (a forest fire from an airplane window) wildly abstract (confetti explosion) and sensual (disembodied fishnet stockings) “I’ve never been one for setting up shots,” he explains, “It’s all instinctual.”

His audience shots, rows of theater seats, or Japanese schoolgirls fill their frames yet have an implicit emptiness akin to Andreas Gursky’s massive gleaming grocery stores. A kinship with Mary Ellen Marks’ voyeuristic freaks and geeks can be found in his images of a kid’s tattooed inner lip, a young girl who’s cut her own arm to shreds and drunken make-out sessions. The images are photojournalistic and aesthetically compelling without seeming exploitive.

Zinner has published several photography books “No Seats On the Party Car” (2001), “Slept in Beds” (2003) and “I Hope You Are All Happy Now” (2005). “I want to make two more books from some of these new photos,” he says, “one of more abstract images and another of all crowd photos — I just don’t have all the photos yet.” With a new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album slated for early next year, it shouldn’t be long for Zinner to get them.

“Its OK Don’t Look at the Road” is at the Fuse Gallery through September 13th; 93 2nd Avenue, (212) 777-7988.

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