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Yes, this is the cutest post we ever do on ST, we promise…

The undeniable continuity between Supertouch & bastard stepsister-in-law, twice-removed publication STREET BONERS & TV CARNAGE is an undeniable shared appreciation for the work of legendary punk artist/visual anarchist GEE VAUCHER. Thus we couldn’t help but pay great attention when head boner & Vice Mag founder GAVIN McINNES reported on Mrs Vaucher’s official membership in the newly-inaugurated & highly prestigious TOM’S FANTASTIC ART CLUB in Rural Essex. HAVE A LOOK:

For reference: A sample of a Typical Vaucher Crass artwork.

Fast-forward: Vaucher’s current art homies…

Crass’ Gee Vaucher was walking through the countryside around her home (a gigantic squat in rural Essex she runs with fellow Crass founder Penny Rimbaud) when she noticed a tiny sign randomly nailed to a tree. It said, “Tom’s Fantastic Art Club. First Meeting This Thursday!” The address listed was her neighbor, a farmer and Tom is the farmer’s son. Tom’s kind of shy and living in a relatively secluded area means he’s not exactly drowning in pals, but this wee sign seemed to be an attempt to come out of his shell and make friends. “There was no way more than a couple of people would ever see this sign” she told us, “So I set to making the club a a real thing.” Within a few weeks Gee had contacted every parent she knew and encouraged them to drive up to the farm and join Tom’s club.


Here comes the tearjerk! Tom was overwhelmed at the success of his club at first and didn’t know what to do. Gee told him it was obvious. “You have to make ID cards, silly. Get to it.” Tom immediately came to life and carpe’d the diem. “YOU’RE RIGHT” he yelled, and spent the next two days making each applicant their own ID card. Tom went from a solitary farm kid to the head of one of the most Fantastic Art clubs in England. Check out these pics from their first session where Gee and the gang made masks. Tom’s the one in the red shirt.





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