October 28, 2008  |  News, Toybox


Yeah, we said it, like graffiti the toy thing is long dead. RIP. Fortunately, genre godheads like England's JAMES JARVIS still manage to release beautiful product as a reminder of a once-flourishing scene that might still see a comeback before the final nail is hammered into the Bape cammo coffin. Jarvis' iconic KING KEN figure was the pinnacle of his vinyl output when the big version dropped several years ago (if you've got a white one, you're a happy collector) and now this new line of 4" Mini Kens produced by the venerable toy aficionados STRANGECO revives the great ape's glory in pocket-sized form in six colorways—including two originals from the large series along with a special "chase" color—all in blindbox assortment. Look for them in Late November and pray for more soon from our man across the pond.


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