November 18, 2008  |  Uncategorized


Anyone not familiar with the traveling art circus known as the BEAUTIFUL LOSERS exhibition by now is either living under a rock or just doesn’t care, so we’ll spare you the lengthy explanations here, but the show of seminal American underground artists has energized the creative community in Madrid, Spain after making landfall there this week at the city’s LA CASA ENCENDIDA cultural center. Featuring major works by an array of artists including KAWS, Barry McGee, Thomas Campbell, Cynthia Connolly, Evan Hecox, Jo Jackson, Chris Johanson, Harmony Korine, Geoff McFetridge, Ryan McGinley, Ryan McGinness, Terry Richardson, Clare E. Rojas, Ed Templeton, Romon Yang, Tobin Yelland, Glen E. Friedman, Ari Marcopoulos, and Raymond Pettibon, the show will also host a courtyard skatepark that will be open to the public from December 21st—30th, and a special screening on December 26th of the new “Beautiful Losers” documentary film directed by AARON ROSE and JOSHUA LEONARD and presented by NIKE SPORTSWEAR. Click HERE for a closer look at the installation.


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