January 29, 2009  |  Uncategorized


CHICAGO has always been an art town, but one far removed from the electric grid of the New York “Art World.” In this Midwestern aesthetic vacuum, a surprisingly robust alternative art world has emerged, and ED MARSZEWSKI could very well be the king of Chicago’s underground art scene. He’s the founder of The Co-Prosperity Sphere, one of the largest alternative art spaces in Chicago, located in the south side neighborhood of Bridgeport. In addition to hosting regular exhibitions and occasional concerts, each year he puts on two weeklong festivals, Select Media in the fall and Version in the spring, showcasing experimental work from around the world (the theme of last year’s Select Media festival was “Infoporn,” and Version’s theme was “Dark Matter.”) Marzewski also runs Lumpen, a free local art publication, and his most recent project, the Chicago-centric but nationally distributed, Proximity magazine, connects this scene to the larger art community. Supertouch sister pub PAPER MAGAZINE has an in-depth look at the burgeoning local scene and its chief architect available to read online NOW.

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