February 23, 2010  |  News, WTF???


Hard to believe that a comic book sales record could be set at the peak of an unprecedented "recession," but that's exactly what happend this week when a near pristine copy of ACTION COMICS #1 featuring the debut of SUPERMAN traded hands anonymously for the princely sum of $1 million USD. Previous books have fetched in the $500K range but the high 8.0 grade of this museum quality example "warranted" its excessive pricetag. If we had to guess, we'd place newly broke actor Nic Cage in the room for this transaction as he's been selling off his incredible comic book collection for a minute now and even has a son named (wait for it) Kal-El, after Superman's true birthname. We really can't help but wonder, though, what someone in Haiti would think of this news...

*Click HERE to browse an original issue of Action Comics #1 cover-to-cover...


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