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Notice any glaring visual similarities between this still from the current Spring Target commercial (watch the full spot below) and the 2010 painting by Supertouch buddy Eric White? Yeah, we did too. Created by hipster Brooklyn agency Partners & Spade (you know, the kind populated by the culturally aware types who spend a lot of time looking at paintings at art shows & fairs), the recent Target spot openly mined White’s “Ford Galaxie 500 Sunliner” without the artist’s consent or collaboration, in one of the most literal appropriations of an artist’s work we’ve seen in a long time. Unfortunately, it’s a practice all too common these days, and almost always happens at the agency level without the brand ever knowing where the source imagery comes from, as in this case. As the adage goes, “inspiration is where you find it,” just remember not to lift it directly from artists (and if you do, at least send them a nice check)…

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