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Longtime Supertouch buddy and one of the LA underground art scene’s most crucial pillars, Marsea Goldberg, is currently presenting a beautiful show of new work by artists Misha Hollenbach, Tofer Chin, & Brett Cody Rogers titled “Black & White” at her seminal New Image Art Gallery in West Hollywood. Comprised of tonal images, ranging from geometric minimalism to figurative abstracts, the show impresses with it’s sheer strength of vision, execution, and sophistication. Don’t miss it…

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Misha Hollenbach’s practice explores methods of merging contemporary culture with tribal inspired concepts. Working across the mediums of collage, screenprinting, sculpture and installation, his work is often driven by carnal desire, and a return to the basics/basis of human existence: Gesturing towards the legacy of Dadaism, Hollenbach is compelled to collect and make images and objects, reconfiguring them as art objects to create new meanings through association. More recently his work has been concerned with the direct channeling of energy, explored and investigated through ‘action’ both painting, mark making and sculpture.

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Tofer Chin is an investigator into and an instigator of altered mental states. Chin uses the repetition of pattern as if they were bricks or tiles resulting in abstract landscapes. The geometric constructions of Chin’s sculpture, paintings and photographs are based on mathematical calculations, with titles based on the sum of its constituent parts: number, color and form. Although each work adheres to a formulaic geometric expression, it is a jump-off into a psychological space within the viewer. A native of Los Angeles, Tofer Chin was born in 1979 and graduated from Otis College of Art and Design in LA. His work has been seen in Parque Lage, a public park in Rio de Janeiro, as well as in São Paulo, where he was commissioned to do a large-scale permanent installation. Chin has exhibited at the Museum of Image and Sound in São Paulo in 2010, at the Rojo Art Space in Milan in 2009, and the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in Madrid in 2008. With past solo shows in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Barcelona, Chin recently had his first New York solo exhibition at Lu Magnus in January 2012.

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Brett Cody Rogers will be showcasing silver gelatin prints presented in polished aluminum frames. The photographs are juxtapositions of Roger’s paintings that serve as the background and Roger’s grandfathers’ sculptures that serve as the models. These two elements are then held against a reflective surface creating new dimensionalities.

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