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Longtime Supertouch buddy and emerging NY art star Erik Foss celebrated a career milestone on Friday when his first solo show opened at the nascent Paul Loya Gallery in LA (Culver City to be exact). Comprised of a body of beautiful large scale paintings representing his finest work to date, the show reveled in abstraction rendered via unusual means including the use of fishnet stockings and six pack can rings as stencils, color-dipped toilet paper wads as a velocity medium, and paint-dipped dildos as a projectile color delivery system. Regarding his artistic motivation, vaunted art critic and legendary downtown NYC scenester Carlo McCormick put it best with the following dissertation:

When it comes to a personal demonology, the darkness that lurks inside does not necessarily wear horns, nor the troubles and traumas be even all that recognizable or locatable. In an age where media and the politics of blame provides us with a ready template of constantly shifting bogeymen to work as surrogate icons for our collective dread, the disconnect within individuals is more often at a loss when it comes to putting face or form to what truly ails us. Erik Foss understands the internalized space of pain and punish- ment, and produces with his latest body of work “Exorcism” those psychic topographies of desire, fetish, fear and frustration as idiosyncratic abstracts, twists and perversions that take place in the mind and soul rather than subjects of external forces. His paintings- be they seductive layers of fishnet stocking imprints, disposable lighter burns that inevitably come out like scarred smiley faces, stencils of plastic six-pack can holders constructed into cruciform shapes, or assemblages of brightly dyed wet toilet paper projectiles hurled at the canvas as if by aesthetic delinquents- trace the patterns of his life, loves and heartaches like the residue of personal history we can all understand if not always recognize.
–Carlo McCormick

Mr Foss with his dildo-spattered masterpiece

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Art Boyz 4Lyfe…

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