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A country-wide public art blitz kicked off in NYC at the beginning of the month when the Art Everywhere program went live in Times Square. Created to lessen the visual burden of corporate advertising and bring fine art (wait for it) everywhere,  the program—a collaboration between five major US museums and the Outdoor Advertising Association of America—brings 58 images of major works of fine art by artists like Andy Warhol, Ed Ruscha, Chuck Close, and Roy Lichtenstein, to 50,000 commercial advertising spaces in all 50 states through the end of August. Whether or not Americans will look up from their iPhones long enough to notice them, however, is another question entirely. Keep your eyes peeled.

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 10.56.59 AM
Robert Mapplethorpe

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 10.57.17 AM
Roy Lichtenstein

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 12.45.36 PMEd Ruscha

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 10.57.22 AM
Charles Burchfield

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 10.56.30 AM
Grant Wood

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 10.56.45 AM
Gilbert Stuart

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 10.27.50 AMWinslow Homer

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 10.57.10 AM
Chuck Close & Edward Hopper (below)

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 10.27.11 AM
Gilbert Stuart x The Lion King

Winslow Homer

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 12.50.51 PMAlfredo Jarr


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