Design | Goodyear Re-Invents the Wheel (Literally) With Incredible Spherical Tires Concept

March 10, 2016  |  Design, Tech

You don’t hear much about car tires here on ST, but Goodyear‘s epic new spherical tire concept is an awe-inspiring innovation that (sorry) re-invents the wheel. Dubbed the Eagle-360 with tread inspired by brain coral and natural sponges, the 3D printed tire treads are designed to stiffen in dry conditions and soften when wet, like a sponge, to provide powerful control in all kinds of weather. Sensors in each tire could send data about road conditions to the other tires.

Of course, no modern car is presently equipped to run on 4 intelligent brain coral basketballs, and Goodyear has designed them to be mated with an as-yet undeveloped futuristic mag lev suspension system that would hold the tires in place with a series of magnets rather than axles the way a magnetic levitation train works. Of course, the greatest advantage to these freaky new wheels is the ability to effortlessly drive the car in any direction, including sideways for the ultimate in maneuverability.

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