Tech | Google’s New Tilt Brush Lets Artists Create Immersive VR Paintings

May 11, 2016  |  Tech

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For what seems like an eternity now, Virtual Reality has been touted as the future of entertainment. Now, with the release this week of its new Tilt Brush technology, Google has made VR the future of fine art by enabling artists to create immersive, interactive, 3D artworks. With the swipe of a digital brush users wearing a connected HTC Vive headset can paint life-sized, three dimensional strokes of just about anything—even drawing with impossible materials such as fire, snow and stars. The immersive space is an obvious draw for installation artists, but there are multiple creative avenues for the app. Tilt Brush has the potential to drive change in the fashion industry, as illustrators can paint with textured fabrics such as denim, silk and cotton, as well as leather. Designers can flesh out their creations to scale and step around their work in progress, viewing it from every conceivable angle and share it with Tilt Brush users around the globe.


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Detroit artist Greg Fadell displays his ninja Tilt Brush technique…

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