Streets | JR Addresses the Immigration Crisis with New Ellis Island Mural in Tribeca

July 20, 2016  |  Culture, Streets

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With immigration becoming a increasing global crisis and focus of political discord, from Brexit to the American presidential race, Supertouch buddy & French street art phenom JR has created a moving tribute to immigrants everywhere with a new mural in Tribeca, NYC. Unveiled last week, the giant pasteup features a historical image of a group of immigrant children being processed on Ellis Island at the turn of the century as a continuation of his extensive Ellis Island project.

Explains the artist of the mural:

“1909 – Ellis Island – More than a century ago, they saw the shores of America and set foot in Ellis Island. They were refugees who wanted to escape war, discrimination, poverty and they were ready to risk everything for a new life. Some people considered that they should have stayed where they came from, or gone somewhere else, that they would be a burden for the country, that their culture was too different… Millions of people in the US are the heirs of these people. Today, they are proud Americans with Irish, Polish, Italian origin and they embody the spirit of America. This piece is now up at the corner of Church st and Franklin st in NYC.” —JR

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Watch JR’s short film Ellis starring Robert Di Nero:

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