Film | MOCA Presents “Ed Ruscha: Buildings And Words”

August 23, 2016  |  Film

Legendary Angelino Ed Ruscha is one of LA’s greatest (and coolest) living artists. Building his career at the fabled Ferus Gallery on La Cienega Blvd that launched West Coast Pop Art with his enigmatic word paintings before moving on to become one of the world’s leading artists renowned for his ultra-flat (long before there was a “Superflat”) paintings of gas stations, snow-capped mountains, & soft focus silhouettes. Along the way, he hung out with the likes of Jim Morrison & Dennis Hopper and unashamedly channeled the zeitgeist of the city of angels in an art world that focused on NYC while looking down its nose at the West Coast. Now, in celebration of the artist’s pioneering and oft-misunderstood career, LA’s MOCA has produced Ed Ruscha: Buildings And Words, a new biographical short on Ruscha narrated by Owen Wilson and featuring testimonials by compatriots including Kim Gordon, Larry Bell, Irving Blum, Billy Al Bengston, & Larry Gagosian who shed light on the artist’s understated greatness.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 1.20.56 PM
Ed Ruscha photographed in Los Angeles by Dennis Hopper in 1964

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