January 10, 2009  |  art, Erik Foss, Fuse Gallery, News, NYC  |  Comments Off on NYC///SATURDAY NITE LITES: PORK & SPAM’S “MONSTERHEAVEN” OPENING AT FUSE GALLERY


Opening this Saturday nite, January 10th is the debut of tag team street art duo & vandal squad most wanted list members PORK & SPAM’s “Monsterheaven” exhibition at Supertouch’s official NYC enclave FUSE GALLERY. Peep the details, and don’t be late:
“Contradicting the dark cavernous environment in which Fuse Gallery sits, Monsterheaven, a site-specific installation, serves as a ‘heavenly niche.’ Using satire to explore the tension between beauty and horror, a maze of plywood clouds hangs from the ceiling with seemingly evil yet playful creatures interspersed. Creating a sensation of looking down from the heavens, many small stencil and collage works hang below eye level on the wall while other three dimensional works and video scatter the floor. A harp plays in the corner while an ambient mix of divine chanting and growls is overheard throughout. PORK and SPAM rob horror of its power through humor, finding the sublime median between darkness and levity, blending the beautiful and the banal in this dark depiction of life’s comedy.” HAVE A LOOK: Read More


December 5, 2008  |  art, Erik Foss, News, NYC, Openings  |  Comments Off on NYC///OPENINGS///TRAVIS LOUIE’S “STRANGE NEIGHBORS” AT FUSE GALLERY

Travis Louie’s self-portrait as an 18th century weirdo…

Fresh off the opening of his solo show for “Zee Germans” in Berlin last month, New York’s resident mad scientist TRAVIS LOUIE unveiled “Strange Neighbors,” his latest series of impeccably-rendered furry freaks last week at ERIK FOSS‘ East Village hotspot gallery, FUSE NYC. Expanding his menagerie of fictional & beastly gentleman, Louie played with scale in this new 16 painting series, all of which measure in at a diminutive 5″ x 7.” The best part about the show? The prices. At a time when your average downtown resident is contemplating a 2009 filled with meals of government cheese, each of Louie’s mini weirdos can be had for only $1,625—while they last, that is. HAVE A LOOK: Read More