June 7, 2007  |  art, Art & Commerce, Art Stunts, Graffiti, Hype 2.0, News, NYC, Street Art  |  Comments Off


The international (street??) art collective known as FAILE took a page from the Banksy playbook when they unveiled their latest show, "Nothing Lasts Forever" at a private reception in NYC Wednesday nite. Forgoing the traditional gallery setup, the group rented their own grimy warehouse space on the Lower East Side and quickly sold out more than 40 artworks ranging from $25—$35,000 on up, clearing well over a million in sales before the opening red carpet was even laid. In attendance were Lower Manhattan's hipster elite mingling with well-heeled art buyers looking to get in early on the next big thing (in this case, however, that was last year). Of course, the work was top notch and the collective's multimedia Pop collages were as beautiful and focused as ever. Supertouch's own Stuntboy (aka: Erik Foss) was on hand to capture the magic. READ ON... Read More

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