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James Jean gets “ArtStrong”…

In an effort to raise awareness for his LIVESTRONG foundation’s endless fight against the cancer burden worldwide, Supertouch buddy LANCE ARMSTRONG has commissioned a series of “Open Roads” street level chalk art installations that began in LA this weekend with the work of nascent art star JAMES JEAN. Attacking the Venice boardwalk on Saturday, Jean quickly grabbed public attention with his incredible yellow chalk mural that in turn inspired over 600 passers-by to pick up chalk themselves and break loose with their own impromptu yellow “street art.” Keep your ears peeled for some huge Lance art news coming later this week on ST. Meanwhile, HAVE A LOOK: Read More


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Unfortunately, the male cameltoe comes with the territory…

Back in the saddle for the TOUR OF CALIFORNIA that wraps its final stage today in San Diego, Supertouch buddy LANCE ARMSTRONG not only made good time, but beat back a costumed attacker with one arm without missing a pedalstroke. Note to all future cosplay idiots, the disgruntled Israeli sniper squad joins the Lance crew beginning with the Giro in May and have orders to shoot first and ask questions never…

In what other professional sport does this nonsense happen?…

Putting syringe man on ice without missing a beat. Livestrong indeed…


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Gearing up for this month’s upcoming TOUR DE CALIFORNIA, Supertouch homie LANCE ARMSTRONG makes a pit stop at the San Diego Air & Space Technology Low Speed Wind Tunnel this morning for some fine-tuning. Next up is the velo, stay tuned…


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laoz11.jpg Supertouch homegirl LIZ KRUETZ spent the last couple weeks photographing LANCE ARMSTRONG's every move as he competed in his first race as a born-again professional cyclist in Australia's overheated TOUR DOWN UNDER. With an all access pass to the nittiest, and far more often than one might expect, grittiest (also grimiest, hairiest, and smelliest) look at the iron man's grueling routine, she captured rare images of the cancer crusader from atop his Team Astana bike barreling down hills at 50+ mph, to visiting pediatric cancer patients—all in the name of his LIVESTRONG foundation. HAVE A LOOK:

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January 30, 2009  |  Cycle Killers, Lance Armstrong, Livestrong, News  |  Comments Off on NEWS///CYCLE KILLERS///SIGNED LANCE ARMSTRONG ASTANA TEAM BIKE NOW ON EBAY

Lance’s sweat will be included in a separate vial for the winning bidder. Photo by Liz Kruetz

Having just wrapped up his official return to professional racing at this month’s TOUR DOWN UNDER in Adelaide, Australia, Supertouch buddy LANCE ARMSTRONG has made one of his TEAM ASTANA racing bikes available for bidding on EBAY, signed by none other than the cycling legend himself. The ultra high-tech exclusive team-issued 56cm TREK MADONE 6.9 PRO in Astana’s racing colors featuring Bontrager wheels and SRAM components (currently on display at the Adelaide City Council Tour Village, Victoria Square, Adelaide) would retail for approximately $12,442 USD if one could buy it in a store, and 100% of the funds raised by the eBay auction will be donated by Lance’s LIVESTRONG foundation to the CANCER COUNCIL OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA. Remember, every year almost 7 million people die of cancer worldwide with little end to the killer disease in sight. Cycling fans not crippled by today’s economy could do little better with their spare change for such a monumental return. Read more about the cancer burden HERE. Meanwhile, HAVE A LOOK: Read More


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Lance on the grind. Sleep is not an option…

Supertouch homie/cycling legend/hardcore art collector LANCE ARMSTRONG finally dispelled the media gossip surrounding his professional re-emergence today by confirming what insiders have known all along: that his official participation in 2009’s TOUR DE FRANCE is indeed on like Donkey Kong. Speaking to the AP from his training camp atop the dormant volcano that is Mt. Teide in the Canary Islands, Lance explained that breaking the LIVESTRONG FOUNDATION‘s cancer fight worldwide remains his prime focus in running the race: “Mentally, in terms of motivation, this feels like 1998-1999 to me. I’m happy with the record (seven wins). I’m training hard and trying to be as competitive as possible [but] the main objective is the message of the [Livestrong] foundation. That’s the first priority. The Tour is the biggest bike race in the world; we need it to tell this story on the biggest stage.” Keep your eyes peeled for some incredible art-centric Lance/Livestrong energy pieces to drop worldwide as the Tour nears. One thing’s for sure, 2009 is gonna be a monster…

While we’re sitting on our asses watching TV, LA’s climbing a volcano at altitude in the Canary Islands…

Surfing in between mountain climbing sets keeps things loose…



November 11, 2008  |  art, Graffiti, Lance Armstrong, News, NYC, Street Art  |  Comments Off on NYC///LANCE ARMSTRONG CATCHES UP WITH OS GEMEOS

One of these three is not like the other…

Running loose in NYC for a quick second last week, Supertouch buddy LANCE ARMSTRONG got the rare spare moment to catch up with some of his favorite artists—the ever-amazing Brasilian street art twins OS GEMEOS—in person while dipping into the venerable DEITCH PROJECTS for a quick art fix.


In other LANCE news, next year’s TOUR DE FRANCE contender has just penned an open letter to President Elect BARACK OBAMA on today’s edition of CNN:

By Lance Armstrong/

Here’s something that should outrage you: Every day, more than 1,500 Americans die of cancer. Our federal government knows how to prevent many of these losses. Tragically, its attention has simply been elsewhere.

The American cancer community and the Lance Armstrong Foundation are hoping that will change with the election of President-elect Barack Obama, a man who has lost two of the most important women in his life to this disease.

Throughout my conversations with him, I’ve been impressed with his commitment to fighting cancer and have gained a sense of optimism about the future. And looking back on recent years, that optimism is a big improvement.

The American people are doing their part, especially against tobacco, the No. 1 cause of cancer. Twenty-four states as well as the District of Columbia have strong smoke-free workplace measures in place. Cities all over America are banning smoking. And Americans are far more aware and motivated to lead healthy lifestyles than they were even twenty years ago.

Our federal government’s scatter-shot approach to the war on cancer is what galvanized those touched by cancer this election season to create our own campaign — not to support certain candidates, but to get all of them to commit to our cause: the fight against a disease that will claim more than 560,000 lives in this nation in 2008.

And we used all the tools in the campaign toolbox: we met with candidates to plead our case, stood outside campaign events holding signs, ran ads, sent opinion pieces to our hometown papers, and suggested questions to the presidential debate moderators. We even hosted forums designed to let voters talk to presidential candidates directly about their plans to fight cancer.

Let me put all this in perspective: during two terms on the President’s Cancer Panel, my fellow members and I heard directly from thousands of survivors, healthcare professionals, government officials, policy makers and scientists about the effects of cancer on this nation. And what struck all of us was the fractured approach to this disease taken by our federal government in a time when cancer touches 12 million American lives.

Luckily, our campaigning paid off. Like most Americans, both Sen. John McCain and Obama have strong personal connections to cancer. McCain is himself a survivor while our next president has lost both a parent and now a grandparent. Both answered our call with plans of action.

So here’s what we will be looking for come 2009, stacked up with the commitments made by our next president:

1. Creating National Coordination: No great struggle was ever won without leadership and a plan. Currently, thousands of diligent people in our federal government work hard but without coordination against cancer. A unified strategy for cancer research, treatment and awareness programs is therefore the first step and our next president has committed to this in principle.

2. Increasing Our Investment in the Fight: Today, our federal investment in this fight is roughly $6 billion, a vastly inadequate amount considering the millions of Americans lost in the last decade alone. And for the past few budget cycles, funding has remained static or fallen off. Cancer patients and caregivers persistently lobbied for more dollars for the National Institutes of Health, the National Cancer Institute, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration. During his campaign, Obama said he’d double federal funding for cancer research within five years, focusing on the NIH and the NCI, and increase funding for the FDA during his administration.

3. Investing in Prevention and Screening: If you could fix the dam for a dollar now, why wait for the flood that will cost you $10 million? Even modest investments in cancer prevention and screening save millions of dollars — not to mention lives – down the line. Obama made a campaign promise to require federally supported health plans to cover all essential preventive services and to expand investment in proven smoking cessation programs. We support that pledge and look forward to seeing him honor it.

4. Supporting Survivors and Their Families: When you beat cancer, it doesn’t simply disappear from your life. Its effects stay with you, physically and emotionally, and it influences your outlook, your future and your family. To date, we’ve done a poor job in supporting the millions of Americans who have to face these realities. The Obama campaign promise: new support to survivors and their families and new funding for the CDC to study how best to help people affected by cancer navigate a thoroughly confusing health care system.

We expect Obama to work with Congress on these measures as well as on comprehensive legislation that will modernize our efforts. Sens. Kennedy, D-Mass., and Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas, are already hard at work on this.

Big picture: We love what we’re hearing so far, Mr. President-elect. We support your commitments and will do everything in our power to further their achievement. —Lance Armstrong


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Lance is back in black at Greune, and rocks with Willie at the Salt Lick

Art collector and Supertouch buddy/resident iron man LANCE ARMSTRONG hasn’t had much time off the bike lately as he gears up for next year’s monumental lineup of races, culminating in his unprecedented return to the TOUR DE FRANCE in July, so we check in with him now to recap his victory this weekend at the TOUR DE GRUENE time trials, and his WILLIE NELSON hosted post-race celebration for last week’s annual LIVESTRONG RIDE FOR THE ROSES in the best little city in the west: Austin, Tejás. HAVE A LOOK: Read More


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To commemorate the LIVESTRONG foundation’s most important cycling fundraiser, the RIDE FOR THE ROSES—an annual ride in its 12th year whose participants raise a minimum of $10,000 each to benefit the organization’s fight against cancer—Supertouch has paired the event’s frontman LANCE ARMSTRONG with artist SHEPARD FAIREY to create some imagery worthy of the challenge. An extremely limited-edition poster bearing Shepard’s rendition of Lance on a recent training run for the Tour de France 2009 has been screened as a gift for attending riders at the Austin event while seven handmade fine art renditions of the image signed by both Lance and Shepard will be auctioned off on eBay to benefit the charity at the event’s conclusion on October 26th. Stay tuned to ST for more details to come…


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marfablog17.jpg Roadtripping in Texas with cycling legend LANCE ARMSTRONG a few weeks back ultimately landed us in the remote and unlikely art culture hotspot of MARFA, TEXAS. Known primarily as the land that time forgot and the setting for iconic films "Giant," "No Country For Old Men," and "There Will Be Blood," the sleepy town of 2,000 people is actually one of the nation's best kept creative centers and is home to an amazing array of talent, including the legendary Christopher Wool, and art world émigrés who fled the confines of NYC for the wide open spaces of the West. The migration was started by so-called "minimalist" (though he hated the term) artist DONALD JUDD when he relocated to the area in the early 1970s, and single-handedly instigated the migration of like-minded heads to the former military town centered around the abandoned army barracks he was now using as his own private museum and studio space.

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