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If Borat went to Napoleon Dynamite’s high school and did Vanilla Ice covers in the talent show backed by Spank Rock’s production crew, you’re starting to approach understanding the M.O. of the amazingly weird South African “Zef” rap trio DIE ANTWOORD (“The Answer”). Comprised of Capetown rappers Ninja, Yo-Landi Vi$$er, and DJ Hi-Tek (along with a revolving cast of skid row homies like their Gollum-esque sidekick), the trio’s inimitable brand of dirty, cracker-ass, Afrikaner Hip-Hop literally must be seen to be believed:

Screen shot 2010-02-11 at 4.12.54 PM

Screen shot 2010-02-11 at 4.13.16 PM

Screen shot 2010-02-11 at 4.13.07 PM

Screen shot 2010-02-11 at 4.12.42 PM


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The influence of the greatest, most powerful, and most innovative hardcore band of all time, BAD BRAINS, literally cannot be overstated. There is not a genre of popular heavy music today that does not benefit from the mighty steps taken from the unlikely Rastas from DC who infused reggae, dub, and speed metal into the otherwise homogenous, suburban white genre. The band’s camp has been working on a long-overdue comprehensive documentary for over a year now and  our buddies at METAL UNDERGROUND say the reels are almost ready to roll:

“BAD BRAINS has announced that it is in the final stages of production for its acclaimed documentary. No release date has been set yet.

The yet-untitled film was directed by Mandy Stein and Ben Logan and traces the history of the band from their formation in Washington, D.C. in 1979 to the present day. In addition to tons of footage from the band’s vault, the movie includes interviews with all four members (vocalist HR, guitarist Dr. Know, bassist Darryl Jenifer and drummer Earl Hudson) and their manager Anthony Countey, as well as testimonials from Henry Rollins, ex-Minor Threat and Fugazi vocalist Ian MacKaye, ex-Minor Threat guitarist Lyle Preslar, ex-Cro Mags vocalist Jon Joseph and guitarist Harley Flanagan, Murphys Law guitarist Jimmy Gestapo and Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch, who produced Bad Brains 2007 album Build a Nation.

In addition to giving birth to the hardcore movement with their song “Pay to Cum” and inspiring all of the aforementioned musicians in the process, the Bad Brains had a huge influence on a new breed of late ‘80 and early ’90s metal bands, including Living Colour, Faith No More, 24-7 Spyz and Fishbone. While the Bad Brains flick is currently in post-production, it will be ready for release in a Jamaican minute.”



December 10, 2008  |  Damien Hirst, Music, News, Video  |  Comments Off on ROCK OF AGES///DAMIEN HIRST ART DIRECTS NEW MUSIC VIDEO FOR THE HOURS

In THE HOURS’ new video for “See the Light,” Hollywood danger girl SIENNA MILLER dons a hospital gown, gets trapped in a glass case in a bag shop, smokes, talks about suicide, cries a lot, undergoes an MRI scan, and smears herself in cow’s blood in front of four eviscerated, wall-mounted bovine carcasses. If this last image brings to mind DAMIEN HIRST, that’s no accident. Hirst, a friend of the band, was art director on the video, made by “American History X” director TONY KAYE. The Hours’ singer, Antony Genn, has found a good friend in Hirst—the artist not only contributed artwork to their first record, 2001’s “Narcissus Road,” and to their forthcoming EP, also titled “See the Light,” but has founded a record label, IS GOOD, to promote their music.

The Hours with some custom Hirst art…


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The newly-discovered “third photo” of Robert Johnson, pictured with Johnny Shines…

Anyone familiar with the storied legacy of the soul-selling Delta bluesman ROBERT JOHNSON—the genre’s most elusive and influential shadow—is aware of just how little is known of his life and the scant photographic evidence of his existence that was left behind when he was murdered at age 27 in 1938. The only two verified and oft-reproduced photos of the musician were discovered in the possession of his half-sister in 1973 and have remained the only known images of the musician until now. In the November 2008 issue of VANITY FAIR, a newly authenticated photo of Johnson standing with fellow bluesman Johnny Shines discovered on eBay in 2005 is presented in a detailed article that is a must read for the dedicated:

“…As he pored over the mass of texts and thumbnail photos that the eBay search engine had pulled up on that day in 2005, one strangely worded listing caught Schein’s eye. It read, “Old Snapshot Blues Guitar B.B. King???” He clicked on the link, then took in the sepia-toned image that opened on his monitor. Two young black men stared back at Schein from what seemed to be another time. They stood against a plain backdrop wearing snazzy suits, hats, and self-conscious smiles. The man on the left held a guitar stiffly against his lean frame. Neither man looked like B. B. King, but as Schein studied the figure with the guitar, noticing in particular the extraordinary length of his fingers and the way his left eye seemed narrower and out of sync with his right, it occurred to him that he had stumbled across something significant and rare… the more convinced he became that it depicted one of the most mysterious and mythologized blues artists produced by the Delta: the guitarist, singer, and songwriter whom Eric Clapton once anointed “the most important blues musician who ever lived.” That’s not B. B. King, Schein said to himself. Because it’s Robert Johnson.”

Click HERE to read the full article…

The only other known photos of Johnson in existence…


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“Yo, Z, man, that mix was ill, homie. You gotta play that shit at my inaguration party at the 40/40 Club in January…”

Tonite sees the third and final installment of the political bloodbath that is the presidential debates. In honor of the festivities, we present the special six-part “OBAMA MIX” that DJ Z-TRIP concocted in honor of Chi-Town’s finest. The full DRM-free mix can also be downloaded for free by clicking HERE


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You feeling SOULWAX? Watch the documentary HERE


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Supertouch nerd rock—excepting ladykiller guitarist BRIAN BELL, that is—homies WEEZER are alive and kicking and today dropped the second video off their recent “Red Album” for the brat anthem “Troublemaker.” Highlights include dodgeball matches, the largest air guitar ensemble, and the longest Guitar Hero tour marathon, as well as head nerd RIVERS CUOMO in full cholo and OC “punk” guise. It’s all for the kids, man, god bless em…

Oct 9 Portland OR Memorial Coliseum
Oct 10 Vancouver, BC GM Place
Oct 11 Seattle, WA Key Arena
Oct 13 San Jose, CA Events Center
Oct 14 Los Angeles, CA The Forum
Oct 17 San Diego, CA Cox Arena
Oct 18 Phoenix, AZ Arizona State Fair
Oct 20 Austin, TX Frank Erwin Center
Oct 21 Dallas, TX Nokia Theater
Oct 23 Houston, TX Reliant Arena
Oct 25 Atlanta, GA Gwinnett Arena


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aclfestblog57.jpg Just got back from a very long, lost weekend in Austin at LANCE ARMSTRONG's epic (and ridiculously underrated) AUSTIN CITY LIMITS FESTIVAL, where 40,000+ revelers gathered for three days of incredible music, beer, and BBQ. With a lineup featuring over 140 bands including ROBERT PLANT & ALISON KRAUSS, BECK, FOO FIGHTERS, THE BLACK KEYS, NERD, THE MARS VOLTA, SHARON JONES & THE DAP KINGS, NEKO CASE, MGMT, HOT CHIP, and CSS, performing on multiple stages, the sun-drenched sonic rendezvous was only enhanced by the unparalleled coolness of the mostly Austinite crowd that still appreciates rock 'n' roll on a level rarely seen outside of Europe.

Read More


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Even Germans get the blues—sometimes…

Master painter and self-described “personality portrait” artist SEBASTIAN KRUGER is a force of nature. As a classically trained painter schooled in the tradition of the old masters who just happens to be one of the world’s most incredible caricaturists (and diehard rocker), it wasn’t long before the two modes forever melded. The result is an unmistakably unique fine art style that that the artist has been working to refine—with incredible results—for the better part of two decades now. From his studio deep in the Black Forest of Germany (where little children are cooked and eaten in gingerbread houses), the almost impossibly prolific Krüger has cranked out a massive array of dauntingly articulate portraits of rock stars in recent years including Bob Dylan, Iggy Pop, and Jimi Hendrix, to name a few, but so far, the Rolling Stones have provided his greatest inspiration. Reveling in the endless lines and crevices of the now haggard faces of the aging British rock gods, Krüger has created a lengthy series of masterpiece paintings depicting the ragged five that have formed the basis of a two volume book set on the band. Now, turning his brush to the blues legends that birthed the Glimmer Twins, the artist has just put the finishing touches on a new “Blues” series that is simply epic in detail. Paying tribute to some of the genre’s foremost innovators including harp player LITTLE WALTER, and guitarists ROBERT JOHNSON, MUDDY WATERS, BB KING, ALBERT COLLINS, and “The Hook” (aka: JOHN LEE HOOKER), Krüger captures them in all their sweaty glory with a touch totally unique to the master. HAVE A LOOK: Read More


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Supertouch’s own EVERLAST drops his new solo album “Love, War, and the Ghost of Whitey Ford” today, marking the culmination of almost two years’ worth of heavy-duty studio time. Yeah, the economy might have disintegrated this week but head over to iTunes and buy the record anyway. Believe me, you don’t wanna see the guys E sends out to punish those who jack his tunes…