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Supertouch buddy KAWS checks in with a visual update on ROSSON CROW‘s incredible solo show “Focus” at the FORT WORTH MODERN that opened on Saturday nite. Hailing from Plano, Texas, the red Corvette driving LA-based bad girl of the art world is one of the most incredible young talents on the scene who kicked ass and took names with her first solo museum show in her home state of Lone Star. The big show features a small collection of large scale works that were quickly upstaged by the Texas Rose herself who showed up at the opening decked out in a red, white, and blue sequined showgirl’s outfit, exuding state pride right down to her Texas flag manicure. The DALLAS MORNING NEWS took rightful notice:

“Rosson Crow is having one of life’s sweetest moments, and she may be too young to fully appreciate it. Just three years out of Yale’s master’s program, the 26-year-old has moved from gallery level to museum soloist with her “Focus” show, which opened Sunday at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.

This great career leap forward is happening only a few miles from her hometown of Plano, where she was known as Lauren. She became her more androgynous middle name when she launched her life as an artist … The high-glamour Crow is visually at odds with her large-scale paintings of defunct saloons, taxidermy shops and seedy nightclubs. She likes dark, raucous spaces that have a history, and she combs through archival photographs and American history books for inspirational images. She has incorporated photographs of Abraham Lincoln’s funeral cortège and the New York Stock Exchange at the turn of the century in her work.” Click HERE to read more.

A featured artist in LANCE ARMSTRONG‘s upcoming Supertouch-curated “Stages” art show to benefit the anti-cancer LIVESTRONG foundation, Rosson Crow will be creating an original large-scale painting that will be premiered at the exhibition when doors open on July 16th at GALERIE EMMANUEL PERROTIN in Paris during the TOUR DE FRANCE. Stay tuned to ST for more updates coming soon. Meanwhile, HAVE A LOOK: Read More


April 6, 2009  |  art, Death Trip, News, NYC, Openings  |  Comments Off on NYC///MUST-SEE SHOW: THE TWISTED WRECKAGE OF ADEL ABDESSEMED’S “RIO” AT DAVID ZWIRNER GALLERY


Controversial Algerian artist ADEL ABDESSEMED whose works depicting animals in often violent and fatal situations has brought his incomparable vision to American shores with his first NYC solo gallery show “Rio” at DAVID ZWIRNER. Opening last weekend to a crowd that included the awestruck alongside the aghast, the show’s crowing installation was a massive sculpture of twisted and intertwined plane wreckage that transformed the original vehicles into what closely resembled a trio of wrestling earthworms that inevitably brought to mind the crash landing of a passenger plane in the Hudson River this winter. The most divisive works, of course, could be found in the exhibition’s screening room where short films of animal fighting and abuse were screened in loops as an illustration of cultural violence not intended for the faint of heart. In fact, this is exactly the type of work Republicans usually trot out in front of Congress when lobbying against Federally subsidized arts programs. Explaining the show’s title, the artist said, “The show is called Rio, meaning river. I observe the world with the same fascination that my daughter, Rio, contemplates the big animals in the zoo that are thirsty and hungry.” Having roused the ire of Italian audiences with his “The Wings of God,” exhibition in Turin, Italy and the outright condemnation of pseudo-hippies in the Bay Area with his “Don’t Trust Me” show at the SF Art Institute (which was canceled before the scheduled end date), both of which featured similarly violent animal films, Abdessemed is boldly taking the fight for artistic expression to the front lines of the art world with the help of a gallery unintimidated by the current pervasive climate of fear and loathing. An impressive array of other conceptual works including “Music Box,” with a mechanism made from an oil drum, and “Prostitute,” a set of leather bound copies of the Bible, Torah, and Koran, each meticulously handwritten, page by page, by actual prostitutes rounds out the provocative show which, in these knee-knocking times, should be considered essential viewing for all. HAVE A LOOK: Read More


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This weekend in NYC saw the return of one of the city’s most elusive artists to the formal gallery scene when Supertouch’s own PHIL FROST premiered his new solo show “Paperweight” at JONATHAN LEVINE GALLERY. Creating over 65 works on paper—the majority of which clocked in at a comfy and affordable 22″ x 30″—the show was an explosion of color (and white out) from the so-called “street artist”, who, despite gaining notoriety for first plying his trade on city walls, has strived to elude the misnomer in his professional career. A show of this kind has never before been mounted for Phil, whose imagery usually begins on canvases before spilling over onto all matter of physical ephemera, from baseball bats and footballs, to old mattresses, glass bottles, BMX bikes, and even suitcases, and proved to be an amazing spectacle in its well contained uniformity. Of course, Frost’s fanbase was out in numbers to greet their art hero and art collector and onetime funnyman MIKE MEYERS even patiently waited his turn in line for a photo with Philly Phil followed by chants of “I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy,” obviously not in reference to his performance in “The Love Guru.” HAVE A LOOK: Read More


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Ground Control to Major Tom: your face seems to be melting…

In these dark days the kaleidoscopic psychedelia of the ERIK PARKER’s amorphous portraiture provides a much-needed dose of visual overstimulation. Working with an incredible sense of whimsy and dynamism, the German-born painter is truly free as he creates these incredibly bizarre semi-representational renderings of what seem to be melting characters from some bizarre futuristic space opera gone wrong. Bold in both color and composition, the works on display at his “Crisis Creation” show at PAUL KASMIN GALLERY in NYC are truly a reflection of the artist’s reeling imagination and disregard for convention. In the words of the NY TIMES‘ art scribe KEN JOHNSON:

“Working under the influence of acid rock posters, underground comics, Mad magazine, Ed (Big Daddy) Roth, Giuseppe Arcimboldo and Peter Saul, Mr. Parker has created a series of zany, neon-bright, imaginary portraits: goggle-eyed heads that are disintegrating into spaghetti-like strands and countless little blobs. Viewing them is like seeing into a mirror through the eyes of a furiously hallucinating drug fiend.”

Consider it a must-see show. HAVE A LOOK: Read More


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TG bros down with the master, Chuck Close at his “Champion Carnival” opening…

Perpetually one of our favorite young artists, Japanese painter TOMOO GOKITA never ceases to amaze with his unique and fluidly executed monotone visions. Moving effortlessly between pure abstract and his more recognizable hybrid figurative style, Gokita has created a beautiful body of solemn new work for his enthusiastically titled “Champion Carnival” show at NYC’s top-notch ATM GALLERY. Notoriously tight-lipped about his aesthetics and their meaning, the artist as always manages to maintain an air of unfettered mystery about his ghostly works by shunning self-reverent manifestos and self-penned dissertations, choosing instead to observe one of the modern world’s most underrated virtues: silence. HAVE A LOOK: Read More


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As Japanese Pop Art master TAKASHI MURAKAMI‘s retrospective “© Murakami” show continues on its epic world tour, the grandiose GUGGENHEIM BILBAO museum plays host to its latest and most daunting stop to date. Settling into the swooping Frank Gehry-skinned art palace, the show—fresh off its recent stop in Frankfurt, Germany—replicates its general outlay previously established at the initial MoCA LA, and Brooklyn Museum stops, but this time the artist’s epic painted and sculptural works are finally housed in a venue as aesthetically compelling as the whole of Murakami’s oeuvre. HAVE A LOOK: Read More


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Japanese art sensation (he’s bigger than Murakami in his native land) YOSHITOMO NARA brought some much-needed heat to NYC last week with his eponymous new show of paintings, drawings and large-scale constructions at MARIANNE BOESKY GALLERY. Forming the centerpiece of the exhibition is a pair of large “Smurf houses” that double as mini art studios that were executed in conjunction with installation artists GRAF, who, together with Nara form the collective YNG (Yoshitomo Nara + Graf). Constructed from reclaimed wood, the forms of the two immense sculptures recall stylized tannenbaums, with their roof shingling evoking exaggerated tree needles. Small cutout windows and hanging lights punctuate the sculptures, providing them with the feel of a house or some surreal abode. The structures are hollow and present interiors replete with drawings and paintings all created in the artist’s hand, and with a multitude of stuffed animals from fans selected by the artist. Though Nara has previously exhibited these types of moveable spaces before, the dwellings in this exhibition have a quieted sentiment to them. Each object within feels carefully considered in its placement. The frenzy of personal effects including photographs, CDs and beer cans, all evoking the turmoil and inspiration in the artist studio, has been removed. Instead the stillness of the structures, with their looming spires, presents a protective shell to the interiors. Though possible to peer into the structures and glimpse their holdings, they cannot be entered and the viewer must be content to remain on the exterior. The paintings, rendered on both canvas and wooden billboards, depict lone portraits of dreamy-eyed figures. Pencil and colored pencil drawings on found envelopes and discarded papers similarly parse the psychological landscape of their subjects. A dedicated rock fanatic Nara’s opening included live performances by Japanese bands by OORUTAICHI and M.A.G.O., proving that normally stuffy Gotham art openings can indeed rock and or roll. Nara is yet another artist participating in the “Stages” charity art show to benefit LANCE ARMSTRONG‘s anti-cancer LIVESTRONG foundation during his run in this year’s Tour de France. Keep an eye on ST for more details coming soon. Meanwhile, HAVE A LOOK: Read More


February 24, 2009  |  art, News, NYC, Openings  |  Comments Off on NYC///OPENINGS: MARS-1’S “NUCLEAR MYSTIC” AT JONATHAN LEVINE GALLERY

Mario keeps the ladies entertained with his futuristic visions…

The undisputed master of Sci-Fi abstract psychedelia, San Francisco-based painter MARS-1 (aka: Mario Martinez) continues to amaze with a new series of kaleidoscopic paintings and bronze sculptures in his new “Nuclear Mystic” show that just opened at Chelsea art hotspot JONATHAN LEVINE GALLERY. Perhaps the most distinguishing aspect of Martinez’ work is the painstaking detail that goes into each painting anchoring his seemingly abstract compositions with a seemingly incongruous dose of meticulous rendering. HAVE A LOOK: Read More


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Eric White’s new works are a visual force to be reckoned with…

Superhuman painting talent ERIC WHITE brought his unique brand of cinematic surrealism to the sunny climes of Barcelona where his solo show of new work “Eclecticismo: Virtud o Defecto?” (Eclecticism: Virtue or Defect?) opened alongside a concurrent exhibition by art buddy Gomez Bueno at IGUAPOP GALLERY last weekend. Consisting of seven brand new 24″ x 24″ paintings (save for a lone 36″ x 36″ exception) and two recent large scale pieces, the majority of the show is divided between White’s recent “windows” theme and his unique “photo negative” painting effect whereby the Michigan native painstakingly renders portraits in a film negative colorshceme that translate to perfectly accurate color versions when viewed as inversions. The unusual imagery is a true testament to Mr White’s rendering prowess considering that the accuracy of his color positives is never tested until the last brushstroke on the negative has been laid (see below for an example). HAVE A LOOK: Read More


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litttlebearr.jpg Otaku MARK RYDEN fans got a much-needed dose of face time with their art idol in Tokyo last Saturday nite when his hotly anticipated new "Snow Yak Show" debuted at TOMIO KOYAMA GALLERY. In attendance were longtime Ryden brothers-in-arms TIM BISKUP and GARY BASEMAN who helped their bearded elder celebrate in true snow yak style replete with fuzzy white headgear and ice cold hearts to boot. The sold out show of new oil paintings and drawings represents a stark aesthetic departure for the artist who leaves behind his trademark meat-laden painting style and ornate frames behind with this collection of minimalist new work.

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