May 23, 2008  |  China, Road Trippin, Worldwide, WTF???  |  Comments Off

CAUTION: Radioactive children at play...

On our long prowl in Beijing last week it was impossible to travel nearly a block without encountering some amazing Chinese signage translated into inimitable "Engrish." Here's a peek at the best of 'em. HAVE A LOOK: Read More

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May 20, 2008  |  BMX, China, Cool Shit, News, Road Trippin  |  Comments Off

Beyond BMX Thunderdome...

In China, BMX is an obscure sport at best, a fact NIKE aims to change. Last week the 6.o squad including riders MIKE SPINNER, MAXIME CHARVERON, and NIGEL SYLVESTER rolled out to China and proceeded to set up shop in the Eastern equivalent of Thunderdome as designed by Richard Serra for a demo in honor of freestyle BMX pioneer BOB HARO called "Lightning Bolts." Transforming an abandoned water tank—that was full of two feet of stagnant, standing water up until the day before last Tuesday's event—into a BMX paradise in the round was no easy feat but when all was said and done a former Communist industrial wasteland was converted into one of the world's most incredible street courses. Of course, it wouldn't be a Nike event without an art component and Hong Kong toy designer Michael Lau stepped to the plate, creating a huge painting and special toy for the occasion. Also on display were a series of original-style Bob Haro BMX number plates as customized by an array of young artists to be auctioned off in benefit of The Land of Plenty foundation that introduces at-risk youth to the world of BMX. HAVE A LOOK: Read More

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May 20, 2008  |  China, Cool Shit, Death Trip, Road Trippin, Worldwide, WTF???  |  Comments Off

These are the safe choices. Peep the real goodies after the jump...

Yeah, that title sounds scary and it should be. Eating in Beijing can certainly be dicey and the street food is truly a thing to behold. Nearly all manner of strange and seemingly inedible creature is represented in an endless stream of street stalls, all impaled on bamboo sticks ready to be cooked—or not—to your discerning standards. To untrained Western eyes, these stalls look more like a setup for Jackass than a serious culinary operation. Of course, freshness is prized in China so many of the selections are still alive in cages awaiting your selection and subsequent preparation. Of course, we couldn’t resist a quick tour. Needless to say, it was a strict diet of white rice after this outing, though. HAVE A LOOK: Read More

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November 25, 2007  |  art, Road Trippin  |  Comments Off

wk04974.jpgThe frog calibrates his WMDs... Supertouch blogger WK INTERACT checks in with a sneek peek of the installation process of his upcoming show, "The Trail" at Brooklyn's vanguard ESPEIS ARCHETYPE gallery, set to open on Friday, November 30th. This will be the French saboteur’s biggest solo show in New York to date and an incredible array of large-scale paintings, bomb-laden skateboard sculptures, and a customized speed bike are sure to snap necks. Keep an eye on ST for more updates as the show draws near. HAVE A LOOK: Read More

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