November 19, 2008  |  art, News, NYC, Studio Visit  |  Comments Off on NYC///A STUDIO VISIT WITH TODD JAMES (AKA: REAS)

Todd James’ retirement fund…

Having recently published an in-depth interview with Supertouch buddy TODD JAMES (aka: REAS) we couldn’t pass up dropping in to his lofty Tribeca studio for a visit while in NYC last week to sneak a peek at some amazing new animation and the work in-progress for the LAZARIDES GALLERYOutsiders UK” show in December and his next big solo show at Australia’s MONSTER CHILDREN GALLERY on January 15th. Firmly focused on the state of war and peace in the world, Todd’s newest paintings are easily his most stunning and detailed yet and his expressive gestural style literally explodes across the massive swaths of paper that will soon be linked to create one massive piece in London. One of the rawest talents working in the underground art world today, Mr. James’ unique aesthetic remains his most potent weapon. HAVE A LOOK: Read More


September 25, 2008  |  art, Germany, Music, Rock of Ages, Studio Visit  |  Comments Off on GERMANY///STUDIO VISIT///SEBASTIAN KRUGER GETS THE BLUES

Even Germans get the blues—sometimes…

Master painter and self-described “personality portrait” artist SEBASTIAN KRUGER is a force of nature. As a classically trained painter schooled in the tradition of the old masters who just happens to be one of the world’s most incredible caricaturists (and diehard rocker), it wasn’t long before the two modes forever melded. The result is an unmistakably unique fine art style that that the artist has been working to refine—with incredible results—for the better part of two decades now. From his studio deep in the Black Forest of Germany (where little children are cooked and eaten in gingerbread houses), the almost impossibly prolific Krüger has cranked out a massive array of dauntingly articulate portraits of rock stars in recent years including Bob Dylan, Iggy Pop, and Jimi Hendrix, to name a few, but so far, the Rolling Stones have provided his greatest inspiration. Reveling in the endless lines and crevices of the now haggard faces of the aging British rock gods, Krüger has created a lengthy series of masterpiece paintings depicting the ragged five that have formed the basis of a two volume book set on the band. Now, turning his brush to the blues legends that birthed the Glimmer Twins, the artist has just put the finishing touches on a new “Blues” series that is simply epic in detail. Paying tribute to some of the genre’s foremost innovators including harp player LITTLE WALTER, and guitarists ROBERT JOHNSON, MUDDY WATERS, BB KING, ALBERT COLLINS, and “The Hook” (aka: JOHN LEE HOOKER), Krüger captures them in all their sweaty glory with a touch totally unique to the master. HAVE A LOOK: Read More