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Supertouch buddy and STAGES NYC co-conspirator JEFFREY DEITCH has announced today that he will accept MoCA's invitation to serve as the museum's director after the LA institution nearly went extinct due to grave financial woes in recent years (board member for life Eli Broad bailed them out, luckily). Even more shocking than that bombshell is the atomic bomb blast of a newsbreak that Jeffrey will be closing down his entire DEITCH GALLERY empire that currently ties together and dominates the entire downtown NYC art scene. "I'm just going to stop all commercial activity. The gallery will be over," he told the LA Times.

The home to vital young talents like Aurel Schmidt, Barry McGee, Shepard Fairey, Rosson Crow, and Chris Johanson, the loss of the gallery will be an enormous blow to the downtown art world, a large part of which currently orbits around Deitch's sun. Rumor has it, however, that JD is seriously considering transferring parts of the business to some of his partners & employees.

The biggest source of contention over Deitch's appointment, however, lies with the fact that he is an art dealer (with a large personal art collection) running an art museum who could conceivably use his position to better his own financial standings. Deitch told the LA Times, "Lots of people are going to be concerned and looking, and all their comments are important. What I hope is I'll eventually be seen as an actual individual, not as some abstraction -- an art dealer running a museum ... I have to exercise good judgment and be appropriate," he said. "Would I arrange an exhibition that features a major work I'm thinking of selling? Absolutely not, because that's not appropriate."

Listen to Jeffrey Deitch's NPR interview HERE.

Read the entire LA Times article HERE.

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Created in 2008 as a monument celebrating the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote in Victoria, Australia, "The Great Petition" sculpture was designed by artists SUSAN HEWITT and PENELOPE LEE to resemble the giant petition of 30,000 signatures offered to the Victorian Parliament in 1891 as evidence of widespread support for equal voting rights for women. The list of names ultimately led to the passage of the Adult Suffrage Act there in 1908. Flash-forward to 2009 and Aussie skater LANCE PATTISON can be found enhancing the artwork's fluid lines with ones of his own, as evidenced by this tre flip within the flowing scrolls of the endless feet of flattened white steel. Sometimes life does imitate art…




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jjjwaterssgagg1 As a director of some of the most acclaimed highbrow B-movies of all time, Supertouch amigo JOHN WATERS needs no further introduction. Quietly working the night shift as a fine artist for years now, the Baltimore-bound obsessive's hard work has finally landed him a spot in the most hallowed hall of the modern art world, namely, the GAGOSIAN GALLERY, where the artist's solo "Rear Projection" show opened to a throng of Hollywood players, weirdos, fanboys and girls, and well-wishing lookie-loos on Saturday nite. Comprised largely of C-prints of photos Waters has taken of TV screens bearing his favorite stills from movies of all kinds, the works pulse with the raw humor and dry wit that is Waters' hallmark...

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We at Supertouch aren't too shy about proclaiming our own JAMES JEAN as the next big thing. His painting chops are akin to the hand of God, and his sense of composition and palette are similarly sublime. Following his recent breakthrough art show at NYC's JONATHAN LEVINE GALLERY, JJ has been laying low in the Southland quietly putting the finishing touches on a new series of masterpieces, like the just-completed vision we see here, "Excavation." Rendered in acrylic and oil on canvas, this ethereal 3 1/2' x 4' dreamscape merely foreshadows the visual brilliance this nascent fine artist has to offer. HAVE A LOOK: Read More

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Dropping in for a sneek peek at Supertouch's own PHIL FROST and his upcoming "Paperweight: An Exhibition of Works on Paper" show at JONATHAN LEVINE GALLERY in NYC this Saturday reveals the mysterious artist working in top form. The show will be Phil's first exhibition in NYC in several years and will present a gorgeous array of new paintings on paper that are well within reach of the average art collector. The waiting list is already getting long so anyone looking to land a piece from this elusive artist best contact the gallery on the double quick. Expect full event coverage this weekend, meanwhile, HAVE A LOOK: Read More

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As the content level of the vinyl toy market bottoms out alongside the dying economy, artist CAMILLE ROSE GARCIA has taken matters into her own hands by forming her own indy label PITCO TOYS and launching two new handmade plush dolls in the form of SQUID and PEPPERMINT MAN. Available in numbered editions of 125 each, the plushies will set you back a hefty $600 and $400 each respectively, but for Camille diehards, these are a $1,000 ticket to goth heaven. Order yours now at JONATHAN LEVINE GALLERY...


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Japanese art sensation (he’s bigger than Murakami in his native land) YOSHITOMO NARA brought some much-needed heat to NYC last week with his eponymous new show of paintings, drawings and large-scale constructions at MARIANNE BOESKY GALLERY. Forming the centerpiece of the exhibition is a pair of large “Smurf houses” that double as mini art studios that were executed in conjunction with installation artists GRAF, who, together with Nara form the collective YNG (Yoshitomo Nara + Graf). Constructed from reclaimed wood, the forms of the two immense sculptures recall stylized tannenbaums, with their roof shingling evoking exaggerated tree needles. Small cutout windows and hanging lights punctuate the sculptures, providing them with the feel of a house or some surreal abode. The structures are hollow and present interiors replete with drawings and paintings all created in the artist's hand, and with a multitude of stuffed animals from fans selected by the artist. Though Nara has previously exhibited these types of moveable spaces before, the dwellings in this exhibition have a quieted sentiment to them. Each object within feels carefully considered in its placement. The frenzy of personal effects including photographs, CDs and beer cans, all evoking the turmoil and inspiration in the artist studio, has been removed. Instead the stillness of the structures, with their looming spires, presents a protective shell to the interiors. Though possible to peer into the structures and glimpse their holdings, they cannot be entered and the viewer must be content to remain on the exterior. The paintings, rendered on both canvas and wooden billboards, depict lone portraits of dreamy-eyed figures. Pencil and colored pencil drawings on found envelopes and discarded papers similarly parse the psychological landscape of their subjects. A dedicated rock fanatic Nara’s opening included live performances by Japanese bands by OORUTAICHI and M.A.G.O., proving that normally stuffy Gotham art openings can indeed rock and or roll. Nara is yet another artist participating in the "Stages" charity art show to benefit LANCE ARMSTRONG's anti-cancer LIVESTRONG foundation during his run in this year's Tour de France. Keep an eye on ST for more details coming soon. Meanwhile, HAVE A LOOK: Read More

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While many local English governments have actually taken steps to protect illegal BANKSY murals within their city limits, the Council of Westminster City decided late last year to have "One Nation Under CCTV,"his largest painting in LONDON removed as a public statement against graffiti. While it still stands today, word has gotten to us from a reliable inside source that officials still have every intention of removing the piece and are currently planning to have it buffed. The mural—a public critique of London's ubiquitous closed circuit TV monitors that observe citizens throughout London 24-7—popped up in April of 2008 adjacent to a live CCTV camera that miraculously caught no glimpse of the elusive artist & his crew as they installed the giant artwork. When the decision to remove the artwork was announced in late 2008, deputy council leader Robert Davis asked "what is the difference between this and all the other graffiti you see scrawled across the city? "I take the view that this is graffiti and if you condone this then what is the difference between this and all the other graffiti you see scrawled across the city?" When questioned about the possibility of preserving the piece as a public artwork, he replied: "If you condone this then you condone graffiti all over London."

Banksy's message survived the snowstorm but might not see Spring...

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