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February 11, 2010  |  Animation, art, News  |  Comments Off


Fascinating article in the March 2010 issue of VANITY FAIR revealing the true story of the army of young women who inked and painted all the animation of DISNEY's Golden Age:

By Patricia Zohn | Vanity Fair
Behind the breakthrough magic of Walt Disney’s first animated feature, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and his other 30s and 40s classics—Pinocchio, Fantasia, Bambi—toiled as many as 100 young women, the inkers and painters, working from dawn to dusk on thousands of cels that brought his dreams to life. The author recaptures their white-gloved esprit de corps, and a golden age of Disney that would be disrupted by strike, World War II, and, eventually, the Xerox machine.

"Snow White has to be out by Christmas—if not it’ll be too bad for Disney’s,” 20-year-old platinum blonde Reidun “Rae” Medby wrote her boyfriend from her Hollywood apartment late one night in the fall of 1937. She was barely able to keep her eyes open after a month of working weekends and double shifts in the Ink and Paint department, the all-female “finishing school” of hand-drawn animation, during the final push on the groundbreaking film. “The minute I get a pen in my hand my brain goes numb—just like it does at the studio. Don’t be upset if I start inking ducks and mice.”

The Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck color short films that had lured Rae to the jumbled Hyperion Avenue studio had grown ever more expensive—even a “mathemagician” like Walt’s brother Roy couldn’t shrink the six months of preparation, the thousands of cels (the celluloid sheets on which drawings were traced and colored before being photographed), or the two-week shoots they required. More tellingly, the films no longer reflected Walt’s ambitions for the rapidly evolving medium. Now everything was hanging on the production of the world’s first animated feature, about a pretty, ragtag princess and her seven bachelor heroes. Yet Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, as Walt conceived it (and reconceived it, right up until its release), was based on the daring notion that a fairy-tale cartoon could hold an audience’s attention for more than an hour. It was proving to be a singularly labor-and-money-intensive crusade.

The end of the assembly line usually inherits all the problems. Preparing the animators’ vision for camera required the inking and painting of thousands of fragile, combustible cels with perfect refinement. During Snow White, it was not at all unusual to see the “girls”—as Walt paternalistically referred to them—thin and exhausted, collapsed on the lawn, in the ladies’ lounge, or even under their desks. “I’ll be so thankful when Snow White is finished and I can live like a human once again,” Rae wrote after she recorded 85 hours in a week. “We would work like little slaves and everybody would go to sleep wherever they were,” said inker Jeanne Lee Keil, one of two left-handers in the department who had to learn everything backward. “I saw the moon rise, sun rise, moon rise, sun rise.” Painter Grace Godino, who would go on to become Rita Hayworth’s studio double, also remembered the long days merging into nights: “When I’d take my clothes off, I’d be in the closet, and I couldn’t figure it out: am I going to sleep or am I getting up?” Click HERE to continue reading...

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April 26, 2009  |  Animation, art, News, Video  |  Comments Off

Onwards from AKQA on Vimeo.

Running obsessed British illustrator, artist, and toy junkie JAMES JARVIS brings his passion for "runner's high" and the moving line together in this amazing animation for NIKE. Now if only a network would grow a pair and sign him to a full-length series...

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April 17, 2009  |  Animation, News, Sounds, Video  |  Comments Off

Shot In The Back Of The Head from Moby on Vimeo.

Favorite Supertouch weirdo genius DAVID LYNCH has just animated the song "Shot in the Back of the Head" from MOBY's forthcoming album "Wait for Me." Download the song for free HERE...

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March 20, 2009  |  Animation, art, Graffiti, News, Obama, Shepard Fairey, Street Art, WTF???  |  Comments Off


It was only a matter of time, Supertouch's own SHEPARD FAIREY's iconic OBAMA campaign artwork finally made its way to SOUTH PARK last nite where the Big O received the typical Matt & Tre makeover on the season's latest episode. Watch it HERE...

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December 3, 2008  |  Animation, Film, First Look, Icons & Legends, Japan, News, Otaku  |  Comments Off

A curiously shirted Astro Boy runs out to kick Speed Racer's ass...

2009 is gonna be a huge year for otaku Anime & Manga fans when the legendary ASTRO BOY finally hits the big screen in modern computer animated form in an eponymous feature based the highly successful Japanese franchise by OSAMU TEZUKA. Nicolas Cage's inclusion in the film as voice "talent" will surely be a low point but hopefully they don't mess this flick up completely. We need something to redeem last year's "Speed Racer" fiasco bad...


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November 26, 2008  |  Animation, art, Art & Commerce, LA, Murakami, News  |  Comments Off

Murakami shows what it takes to get a studio opened in Hollywood (photo by Don C)...

Japan’s Warhol, aka: TAKASHI MURAKAMI, is now poised to become the country’s modern version of Walt Disney after news this week that he’s poised to set up a new animation studio in LA in summer 2009. Operating under the umbrella of KAI KAI KIKI, his artist management & personal production company, the studio will be located on North Highland Ave in close proximity to the nexus of Hollywood studio activity. Having proved his studio’s formidable animation chops with the Kai Kai Kiki-produced video for Kanye West’s “Good Morning,” and the “Superflat Monogram” short for Louis Vuitton, the company’s first pursuit will be the expansion of Murakami’s playfully fecal-friendly "Planting the Seeds” shorts starring his signature characters Kai Kai and Kiki that debuted at his “© Murakami” show in LA and Brooklyn last year into a feature-length film. Said Murakami about his new move into cartoons, "Animation and film have always been among my greatest influences, ever since I first saw 'Star Wars' and Hayao Miyazaki's films. This studio represents a great step in the evolution of Kai Kai Kiki and gives me a closer proximity to the community of artists with whom I hope to collaborate as I continue my explorations of animated and live-action film."




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October 29, 2008  |  Animation, News, Video  |  Comments Off

From this year's upcoming "Treehouse of Horrors" Halloween special...

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August 7, 2008  |  Animation, Video  |  Comments Off

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July 26, 2008  |  Animation, Cool Shit, News  |  Comments Off

Digital artist LENA GIESEKE has created an incredibly captivating 3D video model of PICASSO’s masterpiece 1937 painting "Guernica." Says the artist of her inspiration: "The idea of creating a 3D version of an influential artwork came out of doing jigsaw puzzles of famous paintings. When you assemble a jigsaw, you study a painting in great detail and you become aware of the very lines, shapes and colors that the painting is composed of and how these elements merge to create a unified expression. Through the puzzle, you explore the artwork, examining details your eye might not have caught otherwise." For those needing a bit of historical backend, "Guernica" was Picasso's commentary on the Nazi bombing of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War, and is widely considered to be one of the greatest pieces of modern art ever produced whose relevance still seems more timely than ever...

Coincidentally, recent examination of "Guernica" by expert art conservators has determined that the painting is in "serious but stable condition" in its current home at the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid and can not afford to undergo any further restorations. The painting's most serious (and damaging) restoration was undertaken in 1974 when superstar art dealer/actor TONY SHAFRAZI spray-painted the words "KILL LIES ALL" across the work in what can best be described as a cheap fame grab that subsequently catapulted him to the highest echelons of the international art world. Funny how things work, innit? Read more HERE...

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July 25, 2008  |  Animation, art, Art & Commerce, London, News, Olympics, Sports  |  Comments Off


Aging British 30-somethings will no doubt instantly recognize the faces of the BBC’s new animated 2008 Olympic campaign as the legendary Monkey, Pigsy, and Sandy from the awesomely bad 1970s live-action TV series “Magic Monkey,” but kids will be even more stoked to discover this unknown narrative as a newly animated series by GORILLAZ members JAMIE HEWLETT and DAMON ALBARN. Animated by legendary British inkslinger Hewlett with a score composed by Albarn, the Beeb’s new "Monkey" series of campaign animations and multi platform media spots (think mobile, web, and other interactive) is an absolutely radical step for a massive mainstream media company, especially the venerable old guard institution of the BBC. Based on the story “Journey to the West,” a legendary Chinese novel published in the late 1500s and widely renowned as one of the country’s four most important works of fiction, the story follows a monk and his band of disciples as they battle a never-ending array of bad guys and demons on a journey to reclaim a trove of sacred Buddhist scriptures for China. On this quest, the main character of Monkey dazzles in a series of battle scenes which he fights with his magic growing staff from the back of a flying cloud. In the BBC’s new animated spot, says Hewlett, “the idea is that you tell the entire story of Journey to the West in a two-minute opening sequence, which is basically them on their way to the Olympic stadium … this is going to be the summer of Monkey.” And the beginning of awesomely integrated Pop Culture sports coverage as well. HAVE A LOOK: Read More

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