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September 4, 2008  |  art, Banksy, Graffiti, News, Street Art, WTF???  |  Comments Off

The great Southern trendkill, in black and white...

As we reported earlier this week, British street artist BANKSY has been on a southern road trip of late, starting in a pre-Gustav New Orleans before moving on to ALABAMA where he paid homage to the great white powers-that-be with his stenciled image of a hung KKK member on an abandoned gas station. Taking matters into their own hands yesterday, irate locals broke out their own spray cans to let the world know what they think of a snotty English street artist pointin’ fingers at their good ole boys. Too bad they didn't realize that simply cutting out the stencil & selling it on eBay would have been the sweetest revenge. HAVE A LOOK: Read More

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August 30, 2008  |  art, Banksy, Graffiti, News, Road Trippin, Street Art  |  Comments Off


After painting the town in New Orleans this past week, rogue British street artist BANKSY had the good sense to get out of Hurricane Gustav's way and piloted his caravan towards the Old South stronghold of ALABAMA where these newest hits quickly popped up. Keep an eye on ST for updates as Her Majesty's royal artist makes his way east, spraycan in hand. HAVE A LOOK: Read More

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August 29, 2008  |  Banksy, Feature, Graffiti, New Orleans, News, Street Art  |  Comments Off

banksyopener.jpg One wouldn't normally expect to find the world's most Googled street artist lurking among the ruins of the lower ninth ward in NEW ORLEANS, but that's just where renegade stencil artist BANKSY has been holed up for the past week, covering the desiccated city with art to commemorate the anniversary of KATRINA, the hurricane that killed 1800 people when it struck the coastal city in 2005. Said Banksy of the operation, "Three years after Katrina I wanted to make a statement about the state of the clean-up operation,” and attested that the city's levee wall offered "the best painting surface in the state of Louisiana.” In the art world, timing is everything, and as the anonymous bomber wraps up his project, the city once again braces for the onslaught of an oncoming tropical storm. Hopefully, once residents realize what's been painted on their doorstop, a quick sawsall session and a little eBay savvy will net them enough to build a mansion in the French Quarter. HAVE A LOOK:

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July 10, 2008  |  art, Art & Commerce, Art Crimes, Banksy, Commerce, Graffiti, London, News, Street Art, WTF???  |  Comments Off

Will the real "BONSKY" please stand up?...

In an effort to thwart bootlegging and the resale of his illegally placed street installations, national living art treasure, knight of the Queen's court, and minister of tourism BANKSY (Sir Banksy, to the common man), has just established an official certification board to authenticate his artworks prior to resale. Yes, you read that right. Appropriately named "Pest Control," the Banksy-appointed committee has declared that all major resellers of his work must consult them first before any secondary market work can be considered truly authentic. A member of Banksy's camp reports, “The works are made for specific sites, and taking them is tantamount to theft. That is why Banksy has approved this authentication system. He certainly doesn’t want the people who’ve removed them making money out of it.” This move comes after three inauthentic works attributed to Banksy went on sale at Bloomsbury Auctions in London without prior certification. And so turns yet another incredible page in the grand work of performance art that is Banksy's career...

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July 1, 2008  |  art, Art Stunts, Banksy, Graffiti, London, News, Street Art  |  Comments Off

Banksy's buffer will be working overtime tonite... 

Walking through the abandoned Eurostar terminal-turned impromptu stencil art museum that is BANKSY's infamous "Cans Festival," it seems that the Bristol bad boy has his share of detractors after all. Just two months after the show's debut (it's scheduled to remain on public display until Fall) it seems the local graffiti droogs have made their feelings regarding England's prince of street art known in the form of ubiquitous tagging throughout the tunnel. Do we smell an old school graffiti war brewing? No chance, that would be way too "street." The Queen will probably have her royal art conservators on the job restoring the place by week's end. HAVE A LOOK: Read More

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June 22, 2008  |  Banksy, Graffiti, London, Street Art, Video  |  Comments Off

London's Street Art scene exploded in May with BANKSY's official "Cans Festival," a sort of global gathering of stencil art heads unprecedented in scale. Now the organization has released an official time-lapse recap of the event from bare beginning to the inevitable endless queue...

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June 20, 2008  |  art, Art & Commerce, Feature, Graffiti, Hype 2.0, LA, News, Street Art, WTF???  |  Comments Off

mr-bwash.jpg To call last nite's opening of newly minted and ridiculously named "artist" MR BRAINWASH an "art show" would be a disservice to artists everywhere and even Mr Brainwash himself. Instead, let's call it what it really is: a grand art prank of epic proportions. A heist. A spoof. A joke. Or maybe just the biggest, funnest, sloppiest high school art fair of all time. But let's not call it an "art show." Unfortunately, the majority of the Hollywood zombies lined up around the block for the better part of four hours awaiting entrance didn't quite get the joke...

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May 8, 2008  |  art, Banksy, Graffiti, London, News, Ron English, Street Art, Street Life  |  Comments Off

McSupersized and Banksy had a daughter and she's quite lovely...

Supertouch's own RON ENGLISH was out in London this past weekend in full force at BANKSY's first public stencil art convention, THE CANS FESTIVAL, where his alter ego McSUPERSIZED tagged along to entertain the kids. While in town Ron managed to liberate a few billboards with his signature brand of "Popaganda," and attend the opening of his joint art exhibition "The Adam & Ron Show" co-starring British painter ADAM NEATE at the venerable ELMS LESTERS PAINTING ROOMS where the queue of punters lined up to get a look at the art was nearly as long as the one to get into the Cans Fest. PEEP THE RECAP: Read More

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May 3, 2008  |  art, Art Crimes, Banksy, Graffiti, Hype 2.0, London, News, Street Art, Street Life  |  Comments Off

The event's hostess will be happy to make you more comfortable...

Opening to the public today, London's CANS FESTIVAL saw a massive queue of thousands of fans vying for a closer look at English Street Art mastermind BANKSY's latest offerings. Of course, over 40 other artists from around the world participated in the stencil art-only jam inside an unused Eurostar terminal at Waterloo on the capital’s South Bank including Ron English, Blek Le Rat, Bsas Stencil, Run Don't Walk, James Dodd (dlux), Tom Civil (civilian), Vexta, Prism, Daniel Melim, Altocontraste, Bandit, Roadsworth, 3D Del Naja, Artiste-Ouvrier, Sten, Sadhu, C215, Lucamaleonte, Lex, Orticancvoodles, Kaagman, Dolk, Pobel, M-City, Vhils, Btoy, Coolture, Schhh, Borbo, Sam3, Faile, Eine, John Grider, Logan Hicks, Pure Evil, and Dot Masters. The general public is invited to participate as well, and any punter showing up with a stencil and some paint will be allowed to leave their mark within the festival's legal boundaries. HAVE A LOOK (OVER 150 PHOTOS!): Read More

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May 3, 2008  |  art, Art Stunts, Banksy, Graffiti, Hype 2.0, Laugh Trak, London, News, RIP, Street Art, Street Life, WTF???  |  Comments Off

Banksy's very legal contribution to the Cans Festival...

In case you've been living under a rock, London is playing host to the CANS FESTIVAL this weekend, a huge show of stencil art with over 40 international street & graffiti artists participating, including movement figurehead and onetime rebel BANKSY, who masterminded the entire affair. These photos represent the first look at his work in the show. Located in an unused Eurostar terminal at Waterloo on the capital's South Bank, the very legal festival intends to showcase one of London's most popular tourist attractions in a safe, controlled setting. We're not exactly sure why it's called the "Cans Festival" instead of the more obvious "Stencil Festival," but we are surprised Sir Banksy himself is taking center stage in the show. The gangster move would have certainly been for Banksy to shun participation in the festival while dropping an illegal bomb of massive proportions elsewhere in the city as a movement-leading show of force. Who knows, it's a long holiday weekend in Fogtown, perhaps our man's got something up his sleeve yet. Meantime, here's what Banksy had to say about organizing the show: "Graffiti doesn't always spoil buildings, in fact it's the only way to improve a lot of them. In a few hours with a couple of hundred cans of paint, I'm hoping we can transform a dark, dirty, neglected hellhole into an oasis of beautiful art. I've always felt anyone with a paint can should have as much say in how our cities look as architects and ad men, so getting to cover an entire street with graffiti is a dream come true, or as some people might call it, a complete and utter nightmare." The show is being sponsored & organized by PICTURES ON WALLS, an East End printmaker that produces limited-edition screenprints by Banksy and Faile, among others. Tonite marks the VIP first-look debut of the show with A-listers like Kevin Spacey strolling through the tunnel, cocktails in hand, admiring the Street Art in spacious privacy before the sweaty masses are admitted on Saturday with an expected 75,000+ fans expected to descend on the show. Stay tuned for more updates throughout the weekend...






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