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December 10, 2008  |  Damien Hirst, Music, News, Video  |  Comments Off

In THE HOURS’ new video for "See the Light," Hollywood danger girl SIENNA MILLER dons a hospital gown, gets trapped in a glass case in a bag shop, smokes, talks about suicide, cries a lot, undergoes an MRI scan, and smears herself in cow's blood in front of four eviscerated, wall-mounted bovine carcasses. If this last image brings to mind DAMIEN HIRST, that's no accident. Hirst, a friend of the band, was art director on the video, made by "American History X" director TONY KAYE. The Hours' singer, Antony Genn, has found a good friend in Hirst—the artist not only contributed artwork to their first record, 2001's "Narcissus Road," and to their forthcoming EP, also titled "See the Light," but has founded a record label, IS GOOD, to promote their music.

The Hours with some custom Hirst art...

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November 26, 2008  |  art, Art & Commerce, Damien Hirst, London, News  |  Comments Off

Damien faces the global economic crisis with his game face—and skull—intact...

After a record-breaking solo auction at SOTHEBY’S in September that raised a record $200 million USD, DAMIEN HIRST has announced this week that he’s laying off half of his staff of London-based assistants that create the bulk of his art in a factory-style setting under his Science Ltd. studio umbrella. Having explained in July that he would cease production of some of his most (in)famous series of works including the spin, butterfly, and medicine cabinet lines, after the last offerings of each were sold at Sotheby’s, Hirst has scaled back his workforce accordingly, perhaps in anticipation of upcoming artwork that he promises will be more painterly and hands-on with less emphasis on the manufactured sculptural tableaux he’s become famous for. Around 20 of Hirst’s assistants who are earn a reported $30K USD each, have been let go, and although workers have been told not to speak to the press, the artist’s spokesperson Jude Tyrrell explained, “As previously stated by Damien, he is finishing a number of bodies of works which is why temporary contracts have not been renewed. We have to be mindful of the current economic climate and how this may affect us in the future." After all, art, above all else, must reflect one’s times, no?

In other Hirst news, have a look at Damien’s commentary on his recent entry into the BRITISH MUSEUM’s current “Statuephilia” show and the skull as a metaphor in his art:

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September 16, 2008  |  art, Art & Commerce, Damien Hirst, London, News  |  Comments Off

The auctioneer sweats bullets while Damien ponders his next Aston Martin (with spin art paint job, of course)...

It's been a long nite of watching mostly new money trophy hunters battle for big ticket modern art baubles at the first session of DAMIEN HIRST's much-hyped "Beautiful Inside My Head Forever" auction at SOTHEBY'S in London. Although the sale exceeded its overall $112,000,000 USD estimate to bring in a whopping $126,623,656 USD through the sale of 56 lots, the pieces that drew the biggest prices proved surprising. While the show's centerpiece, the massive 10 ton pickled bull installation, "The Golden Calf," was expected to easily exceed its auction estimate of $14,000,000 USD—$21,000,000 USD, and maybe even set a new sales record, the gavel banged at “only” the $17,960,802 USD mark. Meanwhile, the pickled shark known as "The Kingdom," which was only predicted to pull in between $7,000,000—$11,000,000 USD, wound up selling for a massive $17,242,370 USD. Other "stained glass" butterfly and skull spin art pieces also easily exceeded their not-so-conservative estimates proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that even with the recent banking industry collapse the modern art market is still wearing its recession-proof Kevlar vest with pride ("Can you believe this Lehman shit" was the banter of the eve). If that weren’t enough, 167 more Hirst lots will go on the block tomorrow in two additional day sales for a grand total of 223 pieces in all. If Mr Hirst’s master plan was to indeed prove that the gallery system is to established artists what the record industry is to music, he’s succeeded wildly (his longtime gallerist Larry Gagosian was notably absent from the proceedings, while other starmakers like Tony Shafrazi sat front and center). Whether today’s success can be replicated in the future by both Hirst and other artists with smaller PR staffs and less brightly lit halos remains to be seen. In the meantime, it’s a fun ride till the cart goes off the track. HAVE A LOOK: Read More

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September 15, 2008  |  Damien Hirst, London, News, Next Big Thing  |  Comments Off


Just rolled into London to catch the upcoming DAMIEN HIRST auctions on Monday and Tuesday, September 15th & 16th at SOTHEBY'S. Titled "Beautiful Inside My Head Forever" sale is revolutionary in both size and precedent, as no other artist has ever offered this much original directly to the buying public via auction before. If all 223 pieces of art ranging from spin art skull paintings to new pickled tank animal pieces sell as briskly as critics are predicting, the British Bad Boy stands to net over £120 million from the sale. Not a bad take for a couple days of gavel banging. Stay tuned to Supertouch in the coming days for the full update...

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August 6, 2008  |  Art & Commerce, Art Crimes, London, News  |  Comments Off

Above: McLaren & Hirst. Below: One of the alleged original fake garments in question...

The world’s highest-paid living artist, DAMIEN HIRST recently shelled out $160,000 of his hard-earned diamond skull money to a private collector for a wardrobe of original punk clothing created by Sex Pistols impresario MALCOLM McLAREN and VIVIENNE WESTWOOD for their legendary 1970s shop SEX & SEDITIONARIES, only to have it all declared fake by McLaren himself. Purchased from longtime McLaren archivist SIMON EASTON as an intended addition to Hirst’s private museum currently under construction, McLaren examined the entire collection at Hirst’s home shortly thereafter only to find the entire lot was comprised of authentic-looking bootlegs. “Seeing these clothes, I said, ‘Wow, they've gone to great lengths to manufacture the labels, and distress the fabrics,’” McLaren explained, “but clearly they were not the fabrics we used 35 years ago, and the stitching was totally different. And there were bags and bags of them. We simply didn't make that many. I mean, we literally made these clothes on my kitchen floor. They were each unique.” While Hirst remains under gag order pending legal action against the collector, Easton maintains that “absolutely everything my clients have purchased is authentic. McLaren actually had very little input in the design of the clothes; he’ll rewrite history on a daily basis. He has less knowledge about these clothes than the people who collect them.” Ever get the feeling you’ve been “cheet-ed”?...

McLaren & Westwood's "Sex" shoppe as it appeared at 430 King's Road in the '70s...

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February 14, 2008  |  art, Art & Commerce, Banksy, Damien Hirst, Graffiti, News, NYC, Openings, Street Art  |  Comments Off

Banksy parts Damien Hirst's curtains...

Well, the results from today's Valentine's Day (AUCTION) RED at SOTHEBY'S NYC are in and from the look of things on the auction block, you'd never guess we're in the middle of a full-blown recession. The charity event's buzz piece, a collaborative painting between British bad boys DAMIEN HIRST and BANKSY titled "Keep it Spotless" with is actually a reworking by Banksy of an existing Hirst piece fetched an impressive $1,870,000 USD, far exceeding its estimated price of $250,000—$350,000. The real winner of the evening, however, was Hirst, whose prices skyrocketed through the auction with his most expensive work, the massive stainless steel pill case titled "Where There's a Will There's a Way" going for an astounding $7,150,000 USD. We're guessing the fact that all purchases were tax-deductible went a long way to opening bidder's wallets. Luckily, it's all for a good cause. In total, the auction raised $42m for Aids relief & research...

Bad fashion twins Bono & Hirst tour the exhibit (gotta love Damien's guido diamond skull leather jacket)...

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July 21, 2007  |  art, Damien Hirst, Feature, London  |  Comments Off

526448524_f3c50a8c82.jpg Much has been said about British bad boy artist DAMIEN HIRST's groundbreaking $100 million diamond-encrusted platinum skull titled "For The Love of God" since it went on display at London's White Cube Gallery in June, but to date, little has been revealed about the making of this bling masterpiece, until now. Supertouch offers a step-by-step look at the creation of this masterwork which was created FOR the artist by some of the masters of European jewelry making at London's Bentley & Skinner using over 8,601 of the world's most perfect, flawless diamonds and 2,156 grams of fresh platinum (not to mention $28 million of the artist's own money).

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