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August 29, 2008  |  art, London, News, Next Big Thing  |  Comments Off

Top: A close up of Quinn's new golden Kate Moss "Sphinx" sculpture. Below: Quinn's original "Sphinx" in white... 

British sculptor and scarily dedicated KATE MOSS fan MARC QUINN whose incredible sculptures of the aging supermodel in a variety of yoga poses made even the most art oblivious take note in 2006 has announced that a $2.8 million, 110-pound solid gold statue of his most prominent Moss sculpture will be unveiled at the BRITISH MUSEUM in October. Hailed as the largest gold sculpture built in the world since ancient Egypt, the new work will take center stage at a group show of new artwork by leading modern British Artists including Damien Hirst. Says Quinn of his inspiration for the work, "I thought the next thing to do would be to make a sculpture of the person who's the ideal beauty of the moment, but even Kate Moss doesn't live up to the image." Keep an eye on ST for a closer look at the sculpture as the exhibition opening approaches. HAVE A LOOK: Read More

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August 29, 2008  |  art, Graffiti, London, News, Openings, Street Art  |  Comments Off

Top to bottom: WK x Lister. Quien es mas macho?... 

The French & British finally made amends when Supertouch's own art frog WK INTERACT and limey street artist ANTHONY LISTER teamed up for an imaginatively titled joint art show, "WK - Lister," at the progressive ELMS LESTERS PAINTING ROOMS. Opening last week to a throng of rabid fan boys & girls, the sellout show—especially notable for including WK's first color works ever—proved once again, that the art world is now officially recession-proof. HAVE A LOOK: Read More

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August 29, 2008  |  art, Art Crimes, Graffiti, London, News, Street Art  |  Comments Off


It's summer in London (yes, that cold dankness is considered "sunny weather"), and the city walls have once again bloomed with the fresh artwork of Supertouch's own French street art ambassador, WK INTERACT. In town for the opening of his joint art show with fellow painter ANTHONY LISTER at the venerable ELMS LESTERS PAINTING ROOMS, monsieur Interact has once again left his signature black & white fingerprints on some of the city's prime real estate. HAVE A LOOK: Read More

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August 6, 2008  |  art, Graffiti, London, News, Party Time, Street Art  |  Comments Off


As penance for the over-the-top blinged out art extravaganza that was his "Dirty Cash" show at the FLAWLESS GALLERY last month, London street sniper (and avowed foot fetishist) INSA threw a decidedly more low-rent but heavily alcohol-soaked East End bash for 500 of his closest friends last week replete with new art, free T-shirts, dancing girls, heavy doses of the aforementioned alcohol, and music by DJ ACYDE, KAM, and BURAKA SOM SISTEMA. Few in attendance are able to actually recall the night's proceedings, a sure sign that the event was indeed a success. HAVE A LOOK: Read More

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July 10, 2008  |  art, Art & Commerce, Art Crimes, Banksy, Commerce, Graffiti, London, News, Street Art, WTF???  |  Comments Off

Will the real "BONSKY" please stand up?...

In an effort to thwart bootlegging and the resale of his illegally placed street installations, national living art treasure, knight of the Queen's court, and minister of tourism BANKSY (Sir Banksy, to the common man), has just established an official certification board to authenticate his artworks prior to resale. Yes, you read that right. Appropriately named "Pest Control," the Banksy-appointed committee has declared that all major resellers of his work must consult them first before any secondary market work can be considered truly authentic. A member of Banksy's camp reports, “The works are made for specific sites, and taking them is tantamount to theft. That is why Banksy has approved this authentication system. He certainly doesn’t want the people who’ve removed them making money out of it.” This move comes after three inauthentic works attributed to Banksy went on sale at Bloomsbury Auctions in London without prior certification. And so turns yet another incredible page in the grand work of performance art that is Banksy's career...

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July 9, 2008  |  art, Art & Commerce, Graffiti, London, Openings, Street Art, WTF???  |  Comments Off


“My aim is to create beautiful objects of desire in order to explore the relationship between sex, commodity and art. I want to show how our longing for products, material objects and even artworks themselves can be sexual, almost fetishistic.”

So went the telling manifesto of Supertouch buddy INSA’s exceptionally decadent and aptly-named “Dirty Cash” exhibition that opened on July 3rd at the FLAWLESS GALLERY in London. Presented by luxury cellphone purveyors—and makers of the world’s first million dollar cell—GOLDVISH (think new money Russian gangster wives) in conjunction with London’s ultra high-end diamond & platinum encrusted bling dealers, FLAWLESS & Co, Mr Insa—tongue planted firmly in cheek—took a giant step into the world of the ridiculous as the ultimate extension of his creative M.O. and the wildly escalating street art market with an exhibition of his typically glorious, well-oiled, & Bode-esque naked lady paintings. Known for his steady street work and regular shows at counterculture galleries worldwide, the artist is more the type to be turned away from these diamond retailers than embraced by them, making the show an even better get. Needless to say, the monied & curious turned out in droves, wallets in hands, disturbed, no doubt, to find that none of the artist’s paintings incorporated any real diamonds affixed to the canvases. HAVE A LOOK: Read More

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July 3, 2008  |  Art & Commerce, London, News  |  Comments Off

Even this Basquiat masterpiece couldn't stand U2's music anymore...

It's an accepted truism that the best pieces by the deceased street art/Pop master JEAN–MICHEL BASQUIAT are all in the hands of knowing private collectors at this point where they're likely to stay for some time to come. That fact alone would normally be enough to make the early '80s masterpiece painting "Untitled (Pecho/Oreja), 1983" auctioned yesterday at Sotheby's for a healthy £5,000,000 ($9,962,699 USD) especially noteworthy—if it weren't coming from the private collection of U2, that is. Originally purchased by the Irish band at a posthumous Basquiat show at Robert Miller Gallery in New York in 1989 (Samo OD'd in 1988) for a mere fraction of its current value, the huge painting hung as a backdrop in their Dublin studio and was present at the recording of their albums beginning with "Achtung Baby" until the band mysteriously decided to part ways with it this month. Believed to be a self-portrait created by the then-22-year-old art star in his basement studio beneath Anina Nosei's gallery, the piece is a truly incredible painting by the late artist and a find of even rarer quality on the open market these days. Of course, it was picked up by an unnamed private European collector who obviously lives somewhere where money is still worth something. HAVE A LOOK: Read More

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July 1, 2008  |  art, Art Stunts, Banksy, Graffiti, London, News, Street Art  |  Comments Off

Banksy's buffer will be working overtime tonite... 

Walking through the abandoned Eurostar terminal-turned impromptu stencil art museum that is BANKSY's infamous "Cans Festival," it seems that the Bristol bad boy has his share of detractors after all. Just two months after the show's debut (it's scheduled to remain on public display until Fall) it seems the local graffiti droogs have made their feelings regarding England's prince of street art known in the form of ubiquitous tagging throughout the tunnel. Do we smell an old school graffiti war brewing? No chance, that would be way too "street." The Queen will probably have her royal art conservators on the job restoring the place by week's end. HAVE A LOOK: Read More

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June 25, 2008  |  Street Art  |  Comments Off


Our favorite modern Irish painter CONOR HARRINGTON debuted an impressive array of new large-scale paintings tonite at London's art star-making LAZARIDES GALLERY (best known as the home of urban art legend Banksy). Titled "Weekend Warriors," Harrington's new series explores the myth of modern masculinity by juxtaposing imagery of the odd escapist phenomenon of historical re-enactment with modern stylistic motifs in an unusual exploration of concept and context. Using oil paint and aerosol on canvas, Harrington's results are nothing short of stunning and the 17 large paintings (and smaller charcoal drawings) in the show easily represent the young artist's most ambitious and accomplished work to date. Unfortunately, the mural Harrington created in the streets of London at the end of 2007 (after a two year hiatus from street work) on Truman Gate in Brick Lane as a teaser to his current show didn't survive intact until the exhibit's debut (see below). HAVE A LOOK: Read More

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June 22, 2008  |  Banksy, Graffiti, London, Street Art, Video  |  Comments Off

London's Street Art scene exploded in May with BANKSY's official "Cans Festival," a sort of global gathering of stencil art heads unprecedented in scale. Now the organization has released an official time-lapse recap of the event from bare beginning to the inevitable endless queue...

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