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November 14, 2008  |  art, Art & Commerce, News  |  Comments Off on NEWS///ART & COMMERCE///METALLICA’S DRUMMER SELLS BASQUIAT FOR $13.5 MILLION

Jean-Michel Basquiat’s “Untitled (Boxer),” 1982

The world economy might be on hold (much like Metallica’s creative streak post-“Master of Puppets”) but at CHRISTIE’S big contemporary art auction this week METALLICA drummer LARS ULRICH‘s phenomenal 1982 JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT painting, “Untitled (Boxer),” changed hands for a very healthy $13,522,500 USD against a pre-sale estimate of $12 million. A standout amidst an otherwise lackluster sale overall, the auction proved that Basquiat’s finest work is indeed recession-proof. Meanwhile, we’re more than happy to see the rest of the fine art world’s prices readjusting for a new market after a ridiculously bullish escalation over that past few years. Without a doubt, for serious collectors 2009 & ’10 are gonna be great years for headhunting masterpieces at bargain prices. The rest of us will just have to enjoy our canned beans in the company of our children’s refrigerator drawings…

No wonder Hetfield hates Lars…


October 30, 2008  |  LA, News, Shepard Fairey  |  Comments Off on ROCK OF AGES///JANE’S ADDICTION PLAY LA CITA FOR 200 PEOPLE


Yeah, you read that correctly. Last week a newly reunited, totally OG lineup of legendary LA band JANE’S ADDITION played the hipster hotspot LA CITA as part of DANCERIGHT for a capacity crowd of 200 lucky fans. Joining the band for the first time since their breakup in 1991 was founding bassist Eric Avery whose role had been filled by Flea and Mike Watt in previous reunions. Playing a set that drew heavily on the band’s earliest material including several songs from the first live album “xxx,” including “Whores,” “Trip Away,” and “One Percent,” the quartet gave the kids a glimpse of the fury that was once the most formidable and influential band of its era. A straight-ahead Mexican cantina during the week, La Cita’s innate “Tijuana Modern” decor provided the perfect backdrop for the boys, with Christmas lights and religious iconography straight from the “Ritual de lo Habitual” aesthetic playbook. Of course Danceright mainstay SHEPARD FAIREY warmed up the crowd as “DJ Diabetic,” and provided the highly coveted poster art for the gig. HAVE A LOOK: Read More


October 29, 2008  |  Everlast, LA, News, Tim Biskup  |  Comments Off on ROCK OF AGES///CATCHING UP WITH EVERLAST


It’s been a hot minute since we checked in with Supertouch homie EVERLAST as he’s been out touring the world supporting his new LP “Love, War, and the Ghost of Whitey Ford,” but last week saw his triumphant homecoming in LA when he played the legendary ROXY to a packed house of the faithful. Luckily, ST’s TIM BISKUP was on hand to snap the action seen here. Also, out this week is his new video for the politically-charged “Stone in My Hand.” HAVE A LOOK: Read More


October 28, 2008  |  LA, News, Nike, Rock of Ages  |  Comments Off on LA///ROCK OF AGES///THE CRO MAGS BRING HARDCORE TO NIKE’S MONTALBAN THEATER

Above: The Cro Mags prove punk’s not dead. Below: A timeless hardcore fashion statement…

Earlier this month Hollywood hardcore fans got an incredibly rare treat when, ironically, NIKE SPORTSWEAR presented the official release of “Radio Silence: A Selected Visual History of American Hardcore Music,” at THE MONTALBAN in Hollywood featuring a live performance by none other than the CRO MAGS. Compiled by authors Nathan Nedorostek and Anthony Pappalardo—who were also a part of a Q&A with attendees alongside Chris Bratton (Chain of Strength), John Roa (End To End/Justice League), Jason Farrel (Swiz), John Joseph (Cro-Mags), Sean Ross (Excel), Dan O’Mahoney (No For An Answer/Carry Nation), and Gavin Oglesby (No For An Answer/Carry Nation)—the book masterfully traces the origins and influence of hardcore music from its glory days in the 1980s till now with crucial vintage photographs and insightful essays. A crowd of the faithful wrapped around the block onto Hollywood Blvd and nearly ripped the place to shreds as the evening proved that the youth are indeed still restless. HAVE A LOOK: Read More


October 15, 2008  |  Music, News, Rock of Ages  |  Comments Off on NEWS///ROCK OF AGES///NEW PHOTO OF BLUESMAN ROBERT JOHNSON FOUND

The newly-discovered “third photo” of Robert Johnson, pictured with Johnny Shines…

Anyone familiar with the storied legacy of the soul-selling Delta bluesman ROBERT JOHNSON—the genre’s most elusive and influential shadow—is aware of just how little is known of his life and the scant photographic evidence of his existence that was left behind when he was murdered at age 27 in 1938. The only two verified and oft-reproduced photos of the musician were discovered in the possession of his half-sister in 1973 and have remained the only known images of the musician until now. In the November 2008 issue of VANITY FAIR, a newly authenticated photo of Johnson standing with fellow bluesman Johnny Shines discovered on eBay in 2005 is presented in a detailed article that is a must read for the dedicated:

“…As he pored over the mass of texts and thumbnail photos that the eBay search engine had pulled up on that day in 2005, one strangely worded listing caught Schein’s eye. It read, “Old Snapshot Blues Guitar B.B. King???” He clicked on the link, then took in the sepia-toned image that opened on his monitor. Two young black men stared back at Schein from what seemed to be another time. They stood against a plain backdrop wearing snazzy suits, hats, and self-conscious smiles. The man on the left held a guitar stiffly against his lean frame. Neither man looked like B. B. King, but as Schein studied the figure with the guitar, noticing in particular the extraordinary length of his fingers and the way his left eye seemed narrower and out of sync with his right, it occurred to him that he had stumbled across something significant and rare… the more convinced he became that it depicted one of the most mysterious and mythologized blues artists produced by the Delta: the guitarist, singer, and songwriter whom Eric Clapton once anointed “the most important blues musician who ever lived.” That’s not B. B. King, Schein said to himself. Because it’s Robert Johnson.”

Click HERE to read the full article…

The only other known photos of Johnson in existence…


September 25, 2008  |  art, Germany, Music, Rock of Ages, Studio Visit  |  Comments Off on GERMANY///STUDIO VISIT///SEBASTIAN KRUGER GETS THE BLUES

Even Germans get the blues—sometimes…

Master painter and self-described “personality portrait” artist SEBASTIAN KRUGER is a force of nature. As a classically trained painter schooled in the tradition of the old masters who just happens to be one of the world’s most incredible caricaturists (and diehard rocker), it wasn’t long before the two modes forever melded. The result is an unmistakably unique fine art style that that the artist has been working to refine—with incredible results—for the better part of two decades now. From his studio deep in the Black Forest of Germany (where little children are cooked and eaten in gingerbread houses), the almost impossibly prolific Krüger has cranked out a massive array of dauntingly articulate portraits of rock stars in recent years including Bob Dylan, Iggy Pop, and Jimi Hendrix, to name a few, but so far, the Rolling Stones have provided his greatest inspiration. Reveling in the endless lines and crevices of the now haggard faces of the aging British rock gods, Krüger has created a lengthy series of masterpiece paintings depicting the ragged five that have formed the basis of a two volume book set on the band. Now, turning his brush to the blues legends that birthed the Glimmer Twins, the artist has just put the finishing touches on a new “Blues” series that is simply epic in detail. Paying tribute to some of the genre’s foremost innovators including harp player LITTLE WALTER, and guitarists ROBERT JOHNSON, MUDDY WATERS, BB KING, ALBERT COLLINS, and “The Hook” (aka: JOHN LEE HOOKER), Krüger captures them in all their sweaty glory with a touch totally unique to the master. HAVE A LOOK: Read More


September 9, 2008  |  News, Rock of Ages  |  Comments Off on NEWS///ROCK OF AGES///BURNT JIMI HENDRIX GUITAR AUCTIONS FOR $500K


When JIMI HENDRIX set fire to his sunburst Fender Stratocaster for the first time during a concert at the Finsbury Astoria in London in 1967, it was a momentous occasion in history of rock, and last week the same guitar set a new record when it fetched a massive $493,638 USD at a COOPER OWEN auction. Jimi played the Finsbury Astoria on the opening night of the Walker Brothers tour on March 31, 1967. While playing “Fire”, he doused the guitar with lighter fluid and lit it up for the first time ever on stage before an astonished audience. When he then attempted to continue paying the instrument, he wound up in the hospital with minor hand injuries. The stunt was famously repeated after a bit more practice a few months later at the Monterey Pop Festival. After the show the guitar was stored in the office of Jimi’s press officer Tony Garland who ultimately stashed the Strat in the inauspicious hiding spot of his parent’s garage. It was forgotten about by everyone until Garland’s nephew unearthed the crispy relic on a recent cleanup mission. Today the guitar remains one of the only instruments to remain accurately setup for Jimi’s playing style and is the only fully intact burned instrument in existence. READ ON: Read More


September 4, 2008  |  art, Art & Commerce, Design, London, News, Rock of Ages  |  Comments Off on NEWS///ART + DEISGN///JOHN PASCHE’S ORIGINAL ROLLING STONES LOGO ART ACQUIRED BY V&A MUSEUM


Pop/graphic artist JOHN PASCHE’s original artwork for THE ROLLING STONES‘ iconic lips & tongue logo—based on Mick Jagger’s big mouth—has just been bought by the VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM in London for $92,500 USD. The acquisition funds were secured with the help of The Art Fund charity, which donated 50% of the cost. The 14-inch square color separated, handpainted artwork comes with a color print. Paid just paid £50 for creating the artwork in 1970 while still an art student at the Royal College of Art at Jagger’s request, Pasche’s enduring image has since become one of the most recognized pieces of graphic art in the world and an icon of an era. The logo’s first use was on the inner sleeve of the 1971 Album “Sticky Fingers” featuring cover art by Andy Warhol, a fact that led to the Pop artist being erroneously credited for the image since its inception. The newly acquired piece will be housed in the V&A’s permanent collection, which represents largest assemblage of decorative arts and design in the world. The fact that Pasche used to wander the halls of the museum as an art student is a particularly fitting bit of irony. To read the full story of the logo’s creation, READ ON: Read More


August 18, 2008  |  art, News, NYC, Olympics  |  Comments Off on NYC///OPENINGS: THE YEAH YEAH YEAHS’ NICK ZINNER AT FUSE GALLERY

Nick takes OCD to the next level before opening nite while his army of masked groupie stalkers await the unveiling…

Genius YEAH YEAH YEAHS guitarist and Supertouch buddy NICK ZINNER likes to pass the time on his endless touring laps around the globe photographing the weirdness of his everyday life. As one would expect this can range from the girls in the front row, to airport weirdos and broken down tour buses, to the freaks, geeks, and scenesters of everytown USA and beyond. Now in his first NYC art show, Mr Zinner unveils a stunning retrospective of his life behind the lens with “It’s OK, Don’t Look at the Road,” at the venerable East Village art hotspot FUSE GALLERYHAVE A LOOK: Read More


August 6, 2008  |  Art & Commerce, Art Crimes, London, News  |  Comments Off on NEWS///LONDON///DAMIEN HIRST’S $160,000 SEX PISTOLS CLOTHING COLLECTION DECLARED FAKE…

Above: McLaren & Hirst. Below: One of the alleged original fake garments in question…

The world’s highest-paid living artist, DAMIEN HIRST recently shelled out $160,000 of his hard-earned diamond skull money to a private collector for a wardrobe of original punk clothing created by Sex Pistols impresario MALCOLM McLAREN and VIVIENNE WESTWOOD for their legendary 1970s shop SEX & SEDITIONARIES, only to have it all declared fake by McLaren himself. Purchased from longtime McLaren archivist SIMON EASTON as an intended addition to Hirst’s private museum currently under construction, McLaren examined the entire collection at Hirst’s home shortly thereafter only to find the entire lot was comprised of authentic-looking bootlegs. “Seeing these clothes, I said, ‘Wow, they’ve gone to great lengths to manufacture the labels, and distress the fabrics,’” McLaren explained, “but clearly they were not the fabrics we used 35 years ago, and the stitching was totally different. And there were bags and bags of them. We simply didn’t make that many. I mean, we literally made these clothes on my kitchen floor. They were each unique.” While Hirst remains under gag order pending legal action against the collector, Easton maintains that “absolutely everything my clients have purchased is authentic. McLaren actually had very little input in the design of the clothes; he’ll rewrite history on a daily basis. He has less knowledge about these clothes than the people who collect them.” Ever get the feeling you’ve been “cheet-ed”?…

McLaren & Westwood’s “Sex” shoppe as it appeared at 430 King’s Road in the ’70s…