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April 5, 2009  |  art, Mark Ryden, Murakami, News, Toybox  |  Comments Off


Just when the innovation level of the vinyl toy market hit an all-time low alongside the economy, MARK RYDEN and TAKASHI MURAKAMI have unveiled killer new signature figures to inject some much-needed vitality into the genre. Coming soon from LONG GONE JOHN's secretive NECESSARIES TOY FOUNDATION is the first vinyl toy from master painter MARK RYDEN. Long ignoring the world of toys—and rightly so—Ryden has finally teamed up with his most avid art stalker to release this diminutive version of his multi-eyeballed pink totem pole that originally appeared in (and derives its title from) the painting "YHWH," that first appeared in his 2004 "Wondertoonel" show. With an expected release date of Summer 2009, young art goths in search of this Holy Grail best start camping out at your neighborhood toy stores now. Meanwhile, Takashi Murakami's "Inochi" figure, produced by Japanese toy giants MEDICOM and based on the artist's character who has appeared in a series of hilarious and surreal Japanese TV Commercials and as a life-sized sculpture in his traveling "© Murakami" art show, has just hit shelves as part of a new exhibition at the artist's own KAIKAI KIKI gallery in Tokyo. With doors open to the public on Saturday, The show made available five Inochi figures in as many different colored outfits in an edition of 200 pieces each that retailed for a whopping $1,500 USD. In the words of Murakami's camp: “Fashioned with an astounding attention to detail, the Inochi action figure is a small-scale replica of the original sculpture, created by world renowned toy manufacturer Medicom Toy. Like its larger counterpart, which was subject to over six years of work before reaching completion, the action figure has been in planning for nearly three years. The result features a level of perfection that exceeds that of a mere toy and accords it the status of a work of art. The figure also comes with costuming, in the form of Inochi’s school uniform and rucksack, both of which are removable. Each figure will be available with costumes in 5 colors, identical to those worn by the original, and also as a special set of 5.” Read More

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April 2, 2009  |  News, Sounds  |  Comments Off


Though the band technically still has four living, breathing members, Metallica has been dead and gone for years. Luckily, stepping in to fill that monstrous gap is Atlanta-based MASTODON whose hybrid hard rock/metal sound is every bit as heavy (and members as hairy) as the name. Released last week, the band's fourth album (following 2006's  incredibly epic "Blood Mountain") "Crack The Skye" is a brutally gorgeous seven-track ticket to heaven via a long and twisted road through czarist Russian Hell. Continuing the band’s penchant for thematic content, the new disc focuses on they mythical life of Rasputin, whose existence the Mastodonians embellish with an array of compulsory metal mythology. The record’s story arc is perhaps best described by the band’s guitarist Bill Kelliher:

"There is a paraplegic and the only way that he can go anywhere is if he astral travels. He goes out of his body, into outer space and a bit like Icarus, he goes too close to the sun, burning off the golden umbilical cord that is attached to his solar plexus. So he is in outer space and he is lost, he gets sucked into a wormhole, he ends up in the spirit realm and he talks to spirits telling them that he is not really dead. So they send him to the Russian cult, they use him in a divination and they find out his problem. They decide they are going to help him. They put his soul inside Rasputin's body. Rasputin goes to usurp the czar and he is murdered. The two souls fly out of Rasputin's body through the crack in the sky(e) and Rasputin is the wise man that is trying to lead the child home to his body because his parents have discovered him by now and think that he is dead. Rasputin needs to get him back into his body before it's too late. But they end up running into the Devil along the way and the Devil tries to steal their souls and bring them down…there are some obstacles along the way."

When questioned about the archaic spelling of the word Skye in the disc’s title, Dailor went on to explain that "Crack the Skye" is also meant as an homage to his sister, Skye Dailor, who committed suicide at age 14: "My sister passed away when I was a teenager and it was awful, and there's no better way to pay tribute to a lost loved one than having an opportunity to be in a group with my friends and we make art together. Her name was Skye, so Crack the Skye means a lot of different things. For me personally, it means the moment of being told you lost someone dear to you, [that moment] is enough to crack the sky."

As a bonus for fans who still BUY music, the iTunes version of “Crack the Skye” comes with the to-die-for bonus of an instrumental version of the entire disc that plays like a full-fledged metal symphony in seven parts. Touring across the US now, and throughout Europe this summer with (unfortunately) Metallica, the prehistoric rockers should be considered a must-see for even the most jaded live music fan.

Read the NYTimes review of "Crack the Skye" HERE.


Mastodon were the first Western band to ever record the kazak national anthem...

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March 9, 2009  |  art, Lance Armstrong, News, Next Big Thing, Shepard Fairey, Tour de France, Video  |  Comments Off

By Diane Pucin, LA Times, March 8, 2009

“Ben Stiller did the introductions and newly hot artist Shepard Fairey did a mural, but Lance Armstrong was the star Saturday night at the Ricardo Montalban Theater in Hollywood.

As part of his cycling comeback, Armstrong, the seven-time Tour de France winner, has made clear that he is riding not only to win more races but also to raise more money for his cancer charity, the Lance Armstrong Foundation.
Armstrong is flying Sunday to Europe in advance of the third race in his comeback journey, the Milan-San Remo Classic. But on Saturday, Armstrong rode 2.2 miles with about 700 recreational cyclists and then spoke to an enthusiastic audience of art and cycling lovers.

Fairey has gained recent attention for his creation of the Barack Obama "Hope" image, and there was a Fairey-created mural celebrating Armstrong's cycling comeback and cancer-fighting commitment painted on the side of the theater.

Stiller introduced Armstrong by making a joke about how when the two of them walk down the street, people stop to marvel at Armstrong's ability to inspire awe because of his cycling accomplishments after recovering from cancer, and then they stare at Stiller and say, "Thunder, man," because of Stiller's starring appearance in the less-than-esoteric movie comedy "Tropic Thunder."

More than 20 artists have created works that will be displayed beginning July 16 at the Emmanuel Perrotin Gallery in Paris and will be sold with the proceeds going to Armstrong's foundation. Besides Fairey, other notable artists participating in this fundraiser include Tom Sachs, Eric White, Marc Newson, Os Gemeos and Taryn Simon.” Click HERE to continue reading

Read more "Stages" show coverage at THE EXAMINER, FOX BUSINESS

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February 23, 2009  |  art, Graffiti, LA, News, Shepard Fairey, Street Art, Video  |  Comments Off

Watch CBS Videos Online

Apparently, CBS SUNDAY MORNING is officially in the "Street Art" game now, following up their recent KAWS profile with a new segment this morning on SHEPARD FAIREY. Unfortunately the MILF-tastic Serena Altschul wasn't tapped to helm the piece, but the awesome animated spray paint can intro and robotic suburban housewife narration provide ample entertainment nonetheless. The most amazing revelation of the segment? Aside from the gray hair, Shepard still looks almost identical to his elementary school portrait...

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February 23, 2009  |  art, Graffiti, KAWS, News, NYC, Street Art, Street Life, Tokyo, Video  |  Comments Off

KAWS' street hits were the freshest on the block back in '97 when an incredibly young-looking Brian Donnelley was getting busy on the billboards and bus stops of NYC and Tokyo on the regular. Here we see some rare footage of the youthful media manipulator on the go with commentary by fellow bomber RON ENGLISH...

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February 9, 2009  |  art, KAWS, News, Video  |  Comments Off

Few moments in KAWS' multifaceted and unpredictable career have been as surreal as this segment on him that aired this weekend on CBS, most notable of which is the old dude introducing the clip alongside a 4ft Companion. Just in time for his hotly anticipated opening at HONOR FRASER this month in LA, the incredibly well aged SERENA ALTSCHUL tries to put her finger on the XX-eyed phenomenon. Click HERE to read CBS' article on KAWS...

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February 9, 2009  |  News, Sounds, Video  |  Comments Off

Music award shows are for suckers. That said, RADIOHEAD did it right tonite on the less-relevant-than-ever GRAMMY AWARDS backed by a tight high school marching band. Coldplay literally should not even be allowed to play on the same show when Radiohead is present...

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February 6, 2009  |  art, Art History, Techno Babble, Video, WTF???  |  Comments Off

Debbie Harry es una buena Amiga...

Long before there were Steve Job's flashy Mac World technology summits, prehistoric computer rival AMIGA staged a 1985 publicity event in which ANDY WARHOL created his first computer-generated portrait using a then wildly-futuristic digital camera and the Amiga's pioneering graphic filters. Fittingly, the portrait subject was DEBBIE HARRY and the results weren't too far off from his off-register silkscreen prints. From the looks of things, Andy was pretty satisfied with the results. In the end, however, Apple won the space race, as Andy never made the Amiga logo into an art piece...

The future of art circa 1985: The Amiga 1000...

Apple's esteemed placeholder in the annals of modern art...

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February 3, 2009  |  art, Graffiti, Obama, Politiks, Shepard Fairey, Street Art, Street Politiks, Video  |  Comments Off

2009 really is SHEPARD FAIREY's year; we're just living in it. On the eve of today's press preview of his massive retrospective art show at the INSTITUTE OF CONTEMPORARY ART/BOSTON, Shepard spoke to CHARLIE ROSE last nite about the intricacies of branding a presidential campaign from street level.

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January 23, 2009  |  Film, First Look, News, Video  |  Comments Off


Mike Tyson: War & Peace...

Predictably, the flick garnering outright adoration and even a standing ovation at its first screening at this week's SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL is the gripping "Tyson" documentary by director and miraculous Tyson wrangler JAMES TOBACK. Told entirely in the lisping voice of the former champ in footage culled from countless hours of interviews, the father of six recounts his rise and fall, from early days being bullied as a fat kid ("It was kill or be killed"), and being forced to defend himself in juvenile detention at age 12, to his training with legendary Cus D'Amato ("I knew all the skullduggery ... most of these guys lost the fight before it even started"), to his days as world heavyweight champ ("Once I get in the ring, I'm a god"), and ultimately, his grisly public fall from grace ("I lost the desire to be a champion") including a prison term and the infamous ear biting incident. Along the way, it's revealed, Tyson squandered almost $400 million and lost nearly everything he'd ever earned, physically and emotionally. Toback has known the boxer since 1985 and was able to capture a raw and previously unseen look at the fighter. In Tyson's words, "Jim, he just elicited all this stuff out of me, I don't know how he did it." Far from glossing over the fighter's problems and controversial missteps, Toback's subject instead offers a shockingly open assessment of his tumultuous life, verbally beating himself into a corner again and again. The film is slated for commercial release on April 24. Read more HERE.

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